Prepare to push yourself

INEOS is a global chemical company manufacturing products that are the basis for most modern technology. A business that you may not have heard of!


  • Welcome

    INEOS is a global company producing chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products that are the basis for most modern technology. Despite being one of the most significant chemicals manufacturers in the world, we are often described as the biggest company you’ve never heard of.

    We are not publicly quoted and we don’t sell directly to consumers. We focus on selling essential products to other businesses. The chemicals we produce for them enhance many aspects of modern life from paints to plastics, textiles to technology, and medicines to mobile phones. In many of the markets we operate we are number one in the world.  

    We are looking to grow our business by recruiting the best engineering and commercial graduates internationally.

    INEOS' products form the basis for most modern technology. We are a global producer of petrochemicals and specialty chemicals. We are looking to grow our business by recruiting the best graduates from around the world. 

  • Day One

    Graduates who join INEOS are given clear accountability as a key part of our business, with real targets and responsibilities from day one.

    This way, we’ve found that INEOS graduates learn faster, have better job satisfaction and deliver more quickly than if we rotate them through a series of placements which have been handed down from graduate to graduate for years.

    This straightforward approach works for us, and for our graduates. We get a fresh perspective and they feel valued because they get to work day-to-day with high calibre individuals - experts in their field - from the start of their career.

    What can you expect?

    • A real job from Day One. Become a key part of our business with specific accountability and responsibility from the start.
    • Meaningful roles that are more rewarding. INEOS graduates learn faster get more satisfaction than if we rotate them through a set of ‘starter’ placements.

    Access to high-calibre mentors. Our graduates work day-to-day and get support from highly experienced experts in your field.

    Apart from the variety, you instantly get a lot of responsibility at INEOS. This is something you don’t get so soon in other companies, and gives you the possibility to learn and grow quickly 
    Yens Geubels, Mechanical Engineer, Antwerp

  • The INEOS Challenge

    INEOS success is built on challenge, seeking new opportunities and giving our people the scope and accountability to deliver.

    If you thrive on challenge and are prepared to push yourself to develop further, then INEOS’s open and direct approach to business will give you the opportunity to thrive- in a real job with real responsibility from Day One.

    For the right people this creates an exciting and rewarding working environment.

    If you are prepared to go beyond your comfort zone then we will help you develop further than you can imagine.

    I like that INEOS is a young company which encourages innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, constantly looking for new opportunities and on the forefront of market developments.
    Claire Dillon, Process Engineer, Runcorn

  • The INEOS Difference

    We have a flat organisational structure. We don’t like committees and we are non-bureaucratic.

    To succeed, our business has to be efficient and responsive. As a result our people tend to be straightforward and to the point.

    We put a real value on everyone being open, informal, non-hierarchical and non-political. So as part of the team your ideas will be heard from the very start.

    Along with everyone at INEOS, you will be exposed to senior decision makers as part of your role. You will challenge the status quo because fresh thinking and new ways of doing things are critical to the ongoing success of our company.

    In this film Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS talks about what makes the company an exciting place to work. If you thrive on challenge and are prepared to push yourself, then INEOS's direct approach to business will give you the opportunity to deliver from day one - creating an exciting and rewarding working environment. 

What to expect Day One

  • Day One

    • Familiarise yourself with your INEOS business & your place of work
    • Meet your colleagues, team members and manager
    • Learn your job, responsibilities and deliverables
    • Understand the importance of safety
    • Be challenged to deliver from Day 1
  • The Company

    • Put your role into context – understand the "bigger picture"
    • Understand the culture of INEOS and what it means for you
    • Be inspired to achieve, contribute and reach your potential
  • Training

    • On the job training locally
    • Core skills training (functional and general)
    • Corporate events after year 1 and 3
    • Support in working towards professional qualifications, including Chartered status
    • Ethos of continuous improvement and development
  • Mentoring

    • Learn from the experience of a senior colleague
    • Challenge and stretch yourself to develop
    • Seek advice, support and guidance on your progress and goals
  • Performance Appraisal

    • Annual formal discussion with your line manager
    • Review your progress & contribution to date
    • Gain recognition for achievements & feel rewarded
    • Agree next challenge & stretch targets for the year ahead
  • Personal Development Planning

    • Discuss your progress, potential, aspirations & goals
    • Begin to think about the future and your career path
    • Consider potential opportunities
  • Reward

    • Competitive starting salary, increasing with experience
    • Attractive company benefits: (business/site-specific)
    • Business performance bonuses: (business-specific)
  • Network

    • Meet your peers, make contacts and build relationships
    • Share experiences, knowledge and support
    • Open, friendly and inclusive culture

Our Graduate Roles

At INEOS, we offer our graduates real jobs in our businesses from Day One, providing training and support from the start. Each year we recruit both technical graduates, seeking engineering or science-focused roles, and also commercially minded graduates who we hope to develop into our future business leaders. For further information on roles available in your country of interest, please see our Are You In? section.

Our Graduates Overview

  • Overview

    We believe INEOS is a refreshing place to work and we are prepared to embrace new approaches to business. If you thrive on challenge and are prepared to push yourself to develop further then INEOS’s open and direct approach to business will give you the opportunity to deliver, in a real job with real responsibility from day one.

    But don't just take our word for it- in the videos and profiles below, some of our recent graduates share their INEOS experiences so far. 

  • Alice Dibben

    Name: Alice Dibben

    Job Title: Gas, Power and Emissions Trader

    University/College attended: University of Bristol

    Degree qualification and graduation date: 2011

  • Claire Dillon

    Name: Claire Dillon

    Job title: Process Engineer

    University/college attended: University of Leeds

    Degree qualification and year of graduation: BEng and MEng Chemical Engineering 2013

    Postgraduate qualification and graduation date: I studied an integrated masters so I received both qualifications at the same time

    Read more

  • Davidson Ching

    Name: Davidson Ching

    Job title: Graduate Process Support Engineer

    University/college attended: University of Manchester

    Degree qualification and year of graduation: MEng Chemical Engineering with Industrial Placement 2014

    Read more

  • Oliver Hayward-Young

    Name: Oliver Hayward-Young

    Job title: Propylene Product Supply Manager

    University/college attended: University College London

    Degree qualification and year of graduation: BSc Economics 2010

    Read more

  • Dawid Schimmel

    Name: Dawid Schimmel

    Job title: Assistant Plant Manager at INEOS, Cologne

    University/college attended: FH Aachen (Aix la Chapelle)

    Degree qualification and year of graduation: B. Sc. Mech. Eng. 2011

    Postgraduate qualification and graduation date: Start EMBA Program in part-time, 2016

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  • Alex Bullard

    Name: Alex Bullard             

    Job title: Mechanical Reliability Engineer

    University/college attended: University of Texas

    Degree qualification and year of graduation (e.g. BEng electrical engineering 2009): BS in Mechanical Engineering 2013

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  • Elsa Martigny

    Name: Elsa Martigny

    Job title: Catalyst Technologist

    University/college attended: University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France

    Degree qualification and year of graduation (e.g. BEng electrical engineering 2009): PhD in chemistry, 2010

    Read more

  • Yens Geubels

    Name: Yens Geubels

    Job title: Mechanical Engineer

    University/college attended: Catholic University of Leuven & Karel de Grote University College

    Degree qualification and year of graduation: MSc Mechanical Engineering, Catholic University of Leuven, 2014 MSc Industrial Sciences: Electromechanical Engineering, Karel de Grote University College, 2011 BSc Industrial Sciences: Electromechanical Engineering, Karel de Grote University College, 2010

    Read more

  • Anne Omphalius

    Name: Anne Omphalius

    Job title: LP Engineer

    University/college attended: Ecole Nationale des industries Chimiques de Nancy (France)

    Degree qualification and year of graduation: Ingénieur des Industries Chimiques (Chemical Industry Engineer – equivalent to a Master degree – September 2014)

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  • Want to see more?

    Please see our INEOS Graduate YouTube Channel
    for all of our  graduate videos.

Are you in?

  • Overview

    As well as intelligence and technical excellence we are looking for graduates with a mindset that fits INEOS’ approach to business- people who

    • have a pragmatic, can-do attitude
    • enjoy and thrive on challenge
    • take personal ownership and responsibility
    • are adaptable and open to new ways of working
    • are proactive in leading change
    • are incisive when dealing with situations and communicating

    Sound familiar? Select the country you are interested in for more information...

  • USA

    We have been recruiting for both full-time and summer internship engineering positions at our Texas work sites, situated in Alvin and La Porte.

    Look out for us at campus careers fairs, and on Career Center job boards, at the following universities:

    • Texas A&M University
    • University of Houston
    • Texas Tech University
    • University of Texas
    • Rice University
    • Prairie View A&M University
    • Lamar University
    • California State University - Long Beach
    • Tulane University

    Openings in Texas

    Full-Time Graduate Roles Include:

    • Chemical Engineer
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Technical Service Engineer (Chemical Engineer or Chemistry)
    • Process Control Engineer (Chemical Engineer)

    Summer Internships Include:

    • Chemical Engineer
    • Chemical Engineer / Chemist (Lab)
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

    Click here for information about employment opportunities with INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA

  • UK

    Our 2015-2016 graduate recruitment round is now live. We are seeking applications from this year’s best engineering finalists and graduates for our technical roles in the UK and commercial roles here and in Europe.

    Please see here for a full list of current graduate opportunities.

    The Application Process

    • If your application will be progressed to the next round, we will notify you by the end of January 2016 to invite you to an assessment day.
    • The assessment centre will take place in the middle of February 2016, at one of our UK sites.
    • Should you be successful and progress to the final round of interviews, we will invite you to our head office in Rolle, Switzerland at the end of February/early March 2016 to meet our CEOs.
    • When preparing your application, we recommend you use our online resources to familiarise yourself with INEOS and our history.
    • Beyond this website, you can follow INEOS’ updates on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

    Careers Fairs

    Please see below for a summary of UK university careers fairs we will be attending this autumn.



    Edinburgh University 6th October, 2015

    @ 11.00 – 18.00


    London Imperial University 8th October, 2015

    @ 17.00 – 20.00

    Business Southampton University 20th October, 2015

    @ 11.30 – 16.00

    Business and Engineering Manchester University

    20th October, 2015 - Business

    21st October - Engineering

    @ 10.30 – 16.30

    @ 10.00 – 16.30 
    Business and Finance Leeds University 22nd October, 2015 @ 10.45 – 15.15
    Engineering Glasgow University 27th October, 2015 @ 11.00 – 14.00
    Graduate Engineer Show Derby Roundhouse 28th October, 2015 @ 10.00 – 16.00
    Careers with a Science Degree Fair Bristol University 28th October, 2015 TBC
    Engineering, Science and Technology Cambridge University Wednesday 11th November, 2015 @ 13.00 – 18.00
    University Talk London Imperial University 26th November, 2015 Lunchtime
  • Belgium

    For 2015/2016 we are looking to recruit technical graduates for engineering roles in Belgium and European commercial roles.

    We will be present on the recruitment fairs of all major Universities and schools in Belgium. Watch this space - further details will be posted when available.

    For opportunities in Belgium please send us your CV and a covering letter by completing the following form:

    Belgium Recruitment Form

  • Germany

    For 2015-16 we are looking to recruit technical graduates for commercial roles in Köln and wider Europe, as well as for engineering roles in Köln.

    You can find out more here:

    Köln –  26, 27th November:

    Aachen – Bonding, 2nd December:

    For opportunities in Germany, please follow the link: