INEOS takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously and is fully committed to delivering a record of responsible environmental performance across all its operations. We continually strive to meet and where practicable exceed strict safety, health and environmental performance targets and we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations. Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance is our top priority and we are open and honest about such performance, which we publish locally and nationally, as required.

INEOS operates to strict regulations that are set by the national environment agencies of the countries in which we operate. We are committed to ensuring that our facilities have as low an impact as possible on local people and the environment and we continue to work in close partnership with community groups and other stakeholders to ensure that we are a responsible neighbour.

Our SHE Policy

Our commitment is to protect the health and safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate and the users of our products.

We aim to meet or where practicable exceed all relevant legislative requirements and minimise the effect of our operations on the environment.Our goal is zero injuries, to be achieved through a positive safety culture in which we believe all accidents are preventable.

We care...

  • About the safety, security and health of our workforce, customers, suppliers and our neighbours,
  • About the environment, today and tomorrow,
  • About compliance with the law,
  • About developing a workforce of SHE champions

We hold ourselves and one another accountable for SHE performance.


REACH a regulatory framework within the European Union chemicals regulation with the aim to minimize the risks of chemical substances for people and for the environment.

INEOS Enterprises is committed to complying fully with all REACH requirements, and regards the implementation of REACH in operational practice an issue of high importance for the entire company.

We have successfully pre-registered all substances (including monomers) contained in our products; and all of the substances which we manufacture or import that required registration by the first REACH registration deadline of 30th November 2010. Additionally, we will ensure that all manufactured or imported substances requiring registration will be registered within future deadlines.

INEOS Enterprises is fully committed to supporting REACH and its objectives and to the positive contribution that REACH will make to the sustainable development of the European Chemical Industry.

In addition, INEOS Enterprises successfully notified all manufactured or imported substances into the European Chemical Inventory as required by regulation (EC) 1272/2008 on the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).

Performance and Reporting

To achieve our objective of “zero injuries”, INEOS requires all employees and contractors who work under our control to adhere and contribute to the ongoing development of our strict safety, health and environmental standards and procedures. 

By making safety, health and the environment an integral part of our business we encourage a culture of continuous improvement across all activities in all locations.

INEOS Group CLASSIFIED injury Rate (employees and contractors) – see below:

Culture of Safety

It is the responsibility of everyone at INEOS to ensure the highest standards of health and safety in everything that we do. Our commitment to safety starts at the top, with the Executive Board of each INEOS business being responsible for safety performance. All employees and contractors receive extensive safety training, participate in safety teams, contribute to incident learning, and suggest ongoing improvements in safety standards and procedures.

The INEOS safety principles define what is expected of all our employees, contractors and businesses on a day-to-day basis. Each INEOS business is measured on its adherence to the principles and on its performance against specific safety targets. Safety performance is also linked to our employee bonus scheme, which further helps to embed a safety culture.

We focus our attention on safety in both the processes we apply and the behaviour we expect.

Systems and operational procedures have safety built in to ensure the plant and equipment is being operated properly. Any changes in processes or procedures are subject to a risk assessment and, if necessary, a hazard study to analyse any potential safety risks or impacts. We have strict emergency procedures and if required, the plant will be shut down completely until an issue can be fully resolved.

Everyone has responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment for themselves and their co-workers, and speaking up about safety issues is encouraged. This extends to incentivising employees to report near misses. We can learn from these, and put in place corrective action to ensure such incidents are never repeated.

The success of our business depends on ensuring a safe environment for our staff and the wider community around each of our sites, which is why safety is our highest priority.