Message from O&P USA CEO

  • Building a sustainable company that will provide a solid foundation for another generation of employees is at the core of INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA. Through that, we remain committed to challenge the way we do business to ensure that safety and environmental stewardship, customer satisfaction, and economic leadership are achieved with minimal negative impacts.

    Our mission is to create value for our customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders by efficiently transforming hydrocarbons into basic chemicals and polymers. We continue to achieve success by aligning this global demand for chemicals against a need for sustainable development.

    Our dedication to safe and efficient operations is what guides our strategic direction and we have a long history of controlling and continuously improving our sustainability performance, with new goals for continuous improvement set each year.

    Some of those commitments in 2012 include:

    • Reducing our safety and environmental incidents by 10% over the last 3 years average
    • Reducing flaring and losses consistently year on year 
    • Establishing reporting systems for our greenhouse gas emissions

    We achieve our success through strong operating systems and broad management commitment that holds everyone accountable, is transparent and honest, and is committed to personal excellence.

    Through the environmental/safety, economic, and social performance that this company has delivered, INEOS has attracted top talent and has been an employer of choice in our industry. We have hired over 250 new employees in the past 3 years and have committed to a reward and remuneration program that has facilitated our ability to recruit the industry's best talent. Additionally, we continue to be a strong contributor to the economies we operate in through taxes paid and 3rd party spending of over $4 billion.

    We understand the challenges we face while building a brighter future for our people and planet. This begins with reducing our environmental footprint which is now a holistic framework integrated within the INEOS business. This entails analyzing every aspect of our operations to drive efficiencies that improve the use of energy, drive more recycling and reuse, create more sustainable products, and achieve all that while keeping our employees safe, the environment clean and while delivering more stakeholder value to the community. That is our commitment at INEOS.

    While we've made progress, we've got more work to do. And, we're ready for it.

    Dennis Seith
    President, Chief Executive Officer

Our SHE Policy

  • INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA Safety, Health and Environment

    General Policy Statement

    Our goal is compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. We will strive to effectively manage risks affecting our business by establishing internal expectations that encourage a safe, healthy and secure workplace that protects our workforce, our assets, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

    SHE Performance

    At INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA the above statement guides our approach to SHE performance. We demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in these areas through internal and external programs that meet or exceed regulatory requirements:

    • We subscribe to the ISRS (International Safety Rating System) management system to evaluate the performance of SHE systems in our manufacturing facilities. These standards are aimed at minimizing the risk to people and the environment.
    • Our 2 largest facilities have earned OSHA VPP Ratings.
    • Our sites participate in open dialogue with the communities in which they operate through local Community Advisory Panels.
    • We are active members of area Mutual Aid networks, ensuring the safety of the communities in which we operate.

    Because we care....

    • About the safety, security and health of our workforce, customers, suppliers and neighbors,
    • About the environment, today and tomorrow,
    • About compliance with the law,
    • About developing a workforce of SHE champions,

    We hold ourselves and each other accountable for SHE performance!

Sustainable Development

  • Driving Employee and Community Development

    INEOS Olefins & Polymers is staffed with a team of talented and motivated employees - people who are committed to our company values, and who undoubtedly are our greatest asset. They're excited about being part of Team INEOS and about the potential for success we all share.

    Our employees engage in many community activities in the communities where they work and live. INEOS has proudly sponsored activities which focus on education, the environment and safety. By working with others who care, our employees enjoy a work environment where values do matter and where each individual can make a difference and understands the impact that he or she makes.

    Below highlights some examples of our collaborations and investments that benefit communities in which we operate:

  • Leading Economic Value Generation

    INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA believes it plays a role to help improve the economic conditions in the communities that we operate. INEOS can lead such development in many ways to positively impact the conditions of our stakeholders including tax revenues generated and paid to local, state and federal governments; rendering services and purchasing products from our suppliers to stimulate a healthy supply chain in our industry; and providing gainful employment to the local community.

    INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA employs almost 1000 employees and hundreds of contractors with a strong track record of creating new jobs in our communities through not only graduate recruiting, but also experienced hires.

  • Developing Sustainable Products and Technologies

    At the heart of the sustainability agenda at INEOS O&P is a goal to drive sustainability across all aspects of our operations from "cradle-to-grave". We approach this from a holistic standpoint trying to find unique ways to reduce the need for hydrocarbon-based raw materials, reduce our reliance on power and natural gas, reduce our emissions, develop products that allow our customers to light-weight thereby reducing fuel and shipping costs, and to improve the ability to recycle the products we make.

    We continue to work with our customers to develop new products that enable light-weighting without compromising product quality and properties. We have invested in new technology to upgrade some of our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) manufacturing assets to produce bimodal molecular weight HDPE. This technology provides significant mechanical property improvements in areas such as stiffness and stress crack resistance that enable light-weighting of bottles, caps, films and containers while delivering equivalent or improved performance characteristics. Many of our new developments in polypropylene are focused on high melt rate (low viscosity) products. The benefit is that the higher flow rate allows resin molders to produce thinner parts such as drink cups or food packaging. Such technologies provide for an immediate impact of reducing the amount of polymer required thus driving improved conservation.

  • Leading Sustainable Operations

    Two of INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA's core values are to work safely and operate responsibly. As part of these goals, we work to improve our operations by seeking to reduce waste, emissions, discharges and using energy wisely and to drive down greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). We continue to demonstrate improvements in the carbon footprint of our operations with a 20% reduction in GHG intensity since 2007. 

    Our environmental and safety management program is grounded in discipline across all levels of our company and based on the premise of no injuries and no harm to the environment. We accomplish this through a robust set of metrics and management oversight that include external assurances around our policies and procedures with daily, weekly and monthly involvement in safety audits, engineering inspections, and process safety management. The Safety and Environment report is the first topic on the agenda of all Board meetings.

  • Leading Chemical and Process Safety

    Process safety management is essential to our success and to provide a safe environment that enables our employees to work confidently and safely in our manufacturing operations. We track our progress on all process safety related action items to ensure potential hazards are identified and corrected. Additionally, we monitor regulatory and safety requirements for the use and handling of our products and ensure that material safety data sheets and regulatory position statements are updated appropriately. 

    In addition to process safety, our goal is to reduce flaring, venting and discharges to the environment to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions and impact to the environment. We also continue to look for creating ways to reuse scrap product and reduce solid waste from our manufacturing operations.

Sustainability Report


  • For our European market, we comply fully with REACH, and ensure that our products meet legal requirements for use by all of our customers.

    Polymers are exempt from REACH registration, but raw materials must be registered for use in certain European manufacturing processes. INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA complies with the requirements of REACH and has registered all materials as required.