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Excellence in Gas Treating Chemicals requires a specialized mix of superior chemistry, know-how, patented technology, experience and…inspiration. A genuine fascination and drive to solve problems better. Faster. More ingeniously than before. Going beyond fundamental chemicals supply, INEOS leads with superior services- before and after chemicals delivery- that add-up to true, full-scale, value-rich Chemical Solutions.

Since 1982, the GAS/SPEC name has represented a special focus on the products, technology and service to chemically remove acid gases from process streams. The GAS/SPEC business unit has been continuously headquartered in Houston, Texas, with its major technical facility in Freeport, Texas. The family of specialty amines offered by the GAS/SPEC Technology Group, all based on MDEA technology, provides custom H2S and CO2 removal in amine treating operations. The GAS/SPEC products and technology are exclusively offered by INEOS LLC and its specialized distributors. The GAS/SPEC Technology Group is dedicated to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction globally through the application of the best available technology through the supply of cost-effective products and services. Other companies offer MDEA based products, some even attempting to emulate GAS/SPEC with similar sounding names… But only products with the GAS/SPEC name bring you the formulations, technology and service you are used to.

GAS/SPEC provides:

  • Systems evaluation and recommendations
  • Computer simulations to predict performance
  • Training and start-up assistance 
  • On-going analytical support and system optimization 
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting

Yet, even with all this, some Gas Treating Solutions can only be achieved through a mix of technologies and competencies. So we often work with strategic partners who provide complementary strengths in supply logistics, hardware, engineering and construction. Together we can develop and deploy effective, economical solutions more quickly. A better solution for you.

Remember, only products containing the GAS/SPEC trade name will deliver the performance you are used to!

Our Products

GAS/SPEC CS-1 GAS/SPEC CS-1 specialty amine is a formulated MDEA (methyldiethanolamine) solvent designed for removal of H2S and CO2 from gas or liquid hydrocarbon streams. GAS/SPEC CS-1 is typically used in applications where low levels of CO2 are required in the treated gas. GAS/SPEC CS-1 provides greater gas removal capacity per volume of circulating solution than generic amines such as monoethanolamine (MEA) or diethanolamine (DEA). GAS/SPEC CS-1 is less corrosive than generic amines and can be used at up to 50 weight % amine strength, which reduces amine circulation rate and energy usage. This translates into lower operating costs and increased capacity for existing equipment and reduced capital for new equipment. Treament of natural gas, LPG, and ethane are typical applications.
GAS/SPEC CS-1000 GAS/SPEC CS-1000 is a methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) based solvent formulated to provide deep removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas processing applications. GAS/SPEC CS-1000 allows for greater CO2 removal capacity with superior chemical stability, lower corrosion and longer product life under extreme conditions than MEA (monoethanolamine) or DEA (diethanolamine). GAS/SPEC CS-1000 solvent should be considered mainly for applications in which the treated gas CO2 specification is less than 1000 ppmv. GAS/SPEC CS-1000 can be used to replace MDEA-piperazine blends in all applications. Typical ones include ammonia, hydrogen plants and ethane treating.
GAS/SPEC CS-2000 GAS/SPEC CS-2000 Series Specialty Amines are a methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) based solvent formulated to provide deep removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas streams. GAS/SPEC CS-2000 provides enhanced formulation stability over previous product alternatives in the market. By eliminating the preferential component loss that leads up to a buildup of impurities, it retains maximum CO2 removal capacity with lower energy requirements, lower corrosion, and longer product life even under extreme conditions. This translates into lower operating costs and less maintenance.
GAS/SPEC CS-3 GAS/SPEC CS-3 Specialty Amine is specifically designed for near complete removal of H2S and moderate removal of CO2 from gas or liquid streams. This solvent is ideal for gas treating applications where some CO2 in the treated gas is desired. By allowing a portion of the CO2 to remain, GAS/SPEC CS-3 can increase the treating capacity or reduce the energy costs of the amine system with significantly less corrosion than diethanolamine (DEA) or monoethanolamine (MEA).
GAS/SPEC CSPLUS GAS/SPEC CS-Plus Specialty Amine is specifically designed for maximum CO2 removal. Since it’s introduction in 1988, GAS/SPEC has proven to be one of the most cost effective solvent for CO2 removal in ammonia, hydrogen, and other gas processing plants. This solvent has allowed gas processors to increase gas throughput or reduce energy costs in existing facilities.
GAS/SPEC SS GAS/SPEC SS Specialty Amine is an INEOS formulated MDEA (methyldiethanolamine) specifically designed for the gas treating industry. It selectively removes H2S over CO2 from a gas or liquid stream, which results in greater acid gas removal capacity per volume of circulating solution than amines such as monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and diisopropanolamine (DIPA). GAS/SPEC SS is less corrosive and less prone to degradation than MEA, DEA, or DIPA and it can be used at up to 50 weight % amine strength, which reduces amine circulation rate and energy usage. This translates into lower operating costs and increased capacity for existing equipment and reduced capital for new equipment. Applications include coal gasification and tail gas treating.
GAS/SPEC SS-3 GAS/SPEC SS-3 Specialty Amine is formulated for use in applications where selective removal of H2S from gas streams is required. GAS/SPEC SS-3 not only removes H2S to lower levels than MDEA (methyldiethanolamine) alone, but also improves CO2 slip. Increased selectivity for H2S over CO2 allows the plant to increase treating capacity, lower energy usage, and improve the quality of acid gas going to the sulfur plant.
GAS/SPEC TG-10 GAS/SPEC TG-10 Specialty Amine is specifically designed for meeting a 10 ppmv H2S specification in tail gas treating applications. GAS/SPEC TG-10 is ideal for meeting stringent regulatory requirements and reducing the final SO2 effluent associated with tail gas treaters. GAS/SPEC TG-10 can allow you to realize near 99.9% sulfur conversion. This product can help meet the lower specifications without the penalty of increased CO2 pickup so there is no reduction in sulfur plant capacity.


1954 – The DOW Chemical Company ENTERS the gas treating market

1981 – Dow LICENSES first high pressure MDEA system for selective H2S removal

1982 – The GAS/SPEC Technology Group is FORMED, combining technologies to provide superior products and services for gas treating applications

1983START UP of the first flue gas CO2 Capture amine system for full scale operation using a GAS/SPEC Solvent

1984 – The GAS/SPEC Technology Group DEVELOPS computer simulation models for CO2 and H2S absorption from gas and liquid process streams

1997 – First refinery tail gas units ACHIEVE a < 10 ppm H2S specification using the GAS/SPEC TG-10 Solvent, a specialty amine DEVELOPED specifically to meet tighter emissions standards for refineries

2000 – The GAS/SPEC Technology Group DEVELOPS and successfully FIELD TESTS the patented CS-2000 Solvent, providing increased capacity compared to existing solvents for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Ammonia, and Hydrogen treating applications

2001 - INEOS ACQUIRES the GAS/SPEC Technology Group from Dow

2002 – INEOS GAS/SPEC DEMONSTRATES increased capacity and energy savings for natural gas processing facilities with the introduction of the GAS/SPEC CS-1000 Solvent

2002 – First Floating, Production, Storage, and Off-loading (FPSO) amine unit COMMISSIONED in the Gulf of Mexico using the GAS/SPEC SS-3 solvent

2010 – INEOS GAS/SPEC RELEASES SG series “Shale Gas Solvents” providing a key technology to support the growth of the North American shale gas industry

2012 – World-scale plant START UP in the Middle East using GAS/SPEC SS-3 for Acid Gas Enrichment (AGE)



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