INEOS Technologies selected to supply leading technologies to QINGDAO HAIJING CHEMICAL (Group) Co. LTD for the production of Vinyl Chloride Monomer and Suspension Polyvinyl Chloride

QINGDAO HAIJING CHEMICAL (Group) Co. LTD has selected INEOS Technologies Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and Suspension Polyvinyl Chloride (S-PVC) technologies for a project at its new site located at Dongjia-kou Pro Port Industrial Zone, Qingdao, People’s Republic of China.

The 400 ktpa VCM plant features production of VCM by pyrolysis of Ethylene Dichloride (EDC). The EDC will be produced using high and low temperature chlorination and INEOS’s unique two stage fixed bed oxychlorination process.

The 300 ktpa S-PVC plant will produce a full range of suspension PVC grades from VCM using INEOS Technologies suspension process, including the use of INEOS Technologies proprietary PVC additives and recipes.

The two plants, forming part of a broader petrochemical complex, are scheduled to start-up in 2013.

Peter Williams, CEO INEOS Technologies, stated: "We are delighted to welcome Qingdao Haijing into our family of licensees. Qingdao Haijing has set a very clear strategy to become a leading Vinyls player in China using best in class technologies for safety, ease of operation, product range and environmental impact. We look forward to contributing to a very successful project”.

Mr Li Ming, Chairman of the Board of QINGDAO HAIJING, commented: “The Qingdao Haijing project is a very important step for the Haiwan Group’s Production and Growth Plan. In order to be competitive in the PVC market, Qingdao Haijing performed a rigorous selection process and chose the most advanced technology available. Qingdao Haijing's cooperation with INEOS Technologies is just beginning. INEOS Technologies VCM and PVC technologies proved to be the safest, most environmental friendly and most efficient processes.” 


For further information please contact: 


Keith Breaux, INEOS Technologies
Phone: + 1 (0) 225 757 1075


Fengbin Tan, Qingdao Haijing
Phone: +86 532 88086035

Notes to editors:

Qingdao Haijing Chemical Group Ltd (originally named Qingdao Chemical Factory) was formed in 1947. Through its more than 50 years of industrial experience, Qingdao Chemical Factory developed into a large Class II national firm. In September 1999, the Factory became Qingdao Haijing Chemical Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Qingdao Kailian (Group) Co., Ltd.

Their main products include polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyethylene, caustic soda, chlorhydric acid, liquid chlorine, iron trichloride, and other organic and inorganic products. These products are very popular in China. Some have been exported to foreign markets. The company is one of China's important suppliers of basic chemicals. Its main products are caustic soda 12,000tons/year, PVC resin 80,000tons/year, chlorinated polyethylene 12,000tons/year, liquid chlorine 60,000 t/a, chlorhydric acid 240,000 t/a.

The new manufacturing site will be located at Dongjiakou Port Industrial Zone, Qingdao, People’s Republic of China. Qingdao is situated in Shandong Province, approx. 550km South East of Beijing. This new site will increase the company’s total VCM and PVC production capability and represent a yearly sales volume of 3.6 billion RMB.

INEOS Technologies is a leading developer and licensor of chemical technologies, catalysts, additives and components. INEOS Technologies is part of the INEOS group of companies – one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies.

In the vinyls sector, INEOS Technologies is the leading Licensor with over 45 years experience in the field through its founder companies. It has over 125 licensed facilites in the world operating its technologies for a total of above 21 million tons, and 3 million tons of capacity under design or construction. INEOS is also the leading vinyls producer in Europe.

INEOS Technologies’ complete portfolio of leading licensed technologies includes:

  • Vinyls – technologies for the production of EDC, VCM and PVC
  • BICHLOR – membrane electrolyser technology for chlor alkali production
  • Innovene PP – gas phase technology for the production of polypropylene
  • Innovene S – slurry technology for the production of mono and bi-modal HDPE
  • Innovene G –swing gas phase technology for the production of LLDPE and HDPE
  • Nitriles – technology for the production of acrylonitrile and maleic anhydride