INEOS Technologies wins first South American License Agreements for polyolefins

Two new licences sold to POLIMERICA SA of Venezuela -  INEOS Technologies CEO says, “This is the start of a new and important relationship with POLIMERICA.” 

INEOS Technologies is pleased to announce today that it has signed two INEOS polyethylene technology licenses with newly formed Polimérica S.A. a joint venture between Pequiven and Braskem. These plants will form part of Polimérica’s cracker and derivatives complex in José, Venezuela. Start-up of the complex is planned for 2013. 

Peter Williams, INEOS Technologies CEO, says, “INEOS’ world-class polyethylene technologies will provide Polimérica with the right mix of high performance products required for their markets. We are excited about embarking on this new and important relationship with them. These licenses are also a significant milestone for INEOS as they represent our first licenses in South America.” 

The first of the two new facilities will be a 430,000 MTA gas phase polyethylene plant using INEOS’ Innovene PEg swing gas phase technology to produce linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE). The other will be a 400,000 MTA slurry polyethylene plant using INEOS’ Innovene PEs slurry technology for the production of HDPE.

The selection of these technologies confirms the commitment of Pequiven and Braskem to move the project forward within the original schedule. This project will bring economic and social benefits to Venezuela as well as presenting a strong and competitive platform for exports to other markets”, says Xabier Santamaria, Polimérica’s General Manager. “These technologies are world-scale and match our criteria of high productivity and safety, operational flexibility and high energy efficiency, combined with a minimum environmental impact.” 

Media contacts:

Craig Welsh 
INEOS Technologies
Phone: +44 (0) 1928 511528

Antonio Bragança
Polimérica S.A.
Phone: + 58 412 234 4404

Notes to editors:

Polimérica S.A. is a joint-venture between Pequiven S.A., state owned leading petrochemical company in Venezuela, and Braskem S.A., world-class Brazilian petrochemical company, leader in thermoplastic resins in Latin America and third major producer in the Americas.

INEOS Technologies is a leading developer and licensor of technologies for the global petrochemicals industry. It offers the broadest range of petrochemical technologies on the market today and also supplies catalysts, additives and coatings that our customers require to obtain the best possible performance from their investments.

INEOS Technologies’ complete portfolio of leading licensed technologies includes:

  • Innovene PP – gas phase technology for the production of polypropylene
  • Innovene S – slurry technology for the production of mono and bi-modal HDPE
  • Innovene G –swing gas phase technology for the production of LLDPE and HDPE
  • Polystyrene – general purpose, high impact and expandable PS technologies
  • BICHLOR – membrane electrolyser technology for chlor alkali production
  • Vinyls – technology for the production of EDC, VCM and PVC
  • Nitriles – technology for the production of acrylonitrile and maleic anhydride