ZAO “VOSTOCHNAYA NEFTECHEMICHESKAYA COMPANY” Selects INEOS Technologies for their new petrochemical complex

INEOS Technologies has announced that is has licensed its Innovene G, Innovene S and Innovene PP processes to ZAO “VOSTOCHNAYA NEFTECHEMICHESKAYA COMPANY” (ZAO “VNHK”), a subsidiary of OJSC “NK ROSNEFT” for VNHK’s new petrochemical complex in Nakhodka Russian federation. This is a second award for INEOS Technologies by ROSNEFT companies. Thus JSC Angarsk Polymer Plant in Angarsk, Russian Federation selected Innovene S PE technology in 2010. 

All VNHK’s units will incorporate INEOS’ latest polymer technology advances and will ensure a competitive advantage for petrochemical complex customers in both domestic and global markets. Engineering work is now underway. 

Peter Williams, CEO of INEOS Technologies, commented: “We are delighted that ROSNEFT’s subsidiary, one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies – following the results of bidding – has selected INEOS as for execution of Nakhodka petrochemical complex project. The combination of broad product coverage and excellent operability of the dual PE and PP platforms meets the requirements of both existing and future markets fully. We look forward to working with “VNHK” through engineering and construction to make the Nakhodka project a success.”

Note to editors: 

Nakhodka is located in the Vladivostok region, in the East of the Russian Federation. 

ZAO “VOSTOCHNAYA NEFTECHEMICHESKAYA COMPANY” was established in 2011 for execution of OJSC “NK ROSNEFT” project on construction of petrochemical complex in Primorsky region, near Pervostroiteley settlement of Nakhodkinsky urban district. Project intends the production of polymers (polyethylene and polypropylene) and a range of other petrochemical products. Capacity of I stage is 3,4 million ton of feedstock per annum. Licensors for all processes were selected in a 4th quarter 2011. The main criteria during their selection were – creation of the most advanced petrochemical production in global practice on the basis of application of the newest processes, and reduction of development pressure to environment and provision of the highest industrial safety level for the future production. 

INEOS Technologies is a leading developer and licensor of technologies for the global petrochemicals industry. It offers the broadest range of petrochemical technologies on the market today and also supplies catalysts, additives and coatings that our customers require to obtain the best possible performance from their investments.

INEOS Technologies’ complete portfolio of leading licensed technologies includes:

  • InnoveneTM PP – gas phase technology for the production of polypropylene
  • InnoveneTM S – slurry technology for the production of mono and bi-modal HDPE
  • InnoveneTM G – swing gas phase technology for the production of LLDPE and HDPE
  • EPS – Expandable Polystyrene technologies
  • BICHLORTM – membrane electrolyser technology for chlor alkali production
  • Vinyls – technology for the production of EDC, VCM and PVC
  • Nitriles – technology for the production of Acrylonitrile and Maleic Anhydride


For further information please contact:

Pete Grant, INEOS Technologies
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