Technical Services

Technical servicesINEOS Technologies is committed to the long-term support of its worldwide licensees and catalyst customers. In addition to support and technology transfer services during the design, engineering, construction and commissioning of licensed plants, INEOS Technologies offers an on-going technical programmes for the lifetime of the plant. These programmes are designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of licensees as world class producers.

The tailored technical service programmes are dependent upon the technology platform and the needs of the licence.

They encompass areas including:

  • Safety best practice, improvements and information
  • Trouble shooting assistance
  • Plant performance benchmarking
  • Cost, performance and quality optimisation programs
  • Operations and maintenance training
  • Process simulator packages
  • Advanced control packages and updates
  • Analytical training and support 
  • Engineering and project support
  • Technology upgrades and developments
  • Customer specific product development programs, leveraging INEOS’ extensive R&D capabilities and technology portfolio
  • Technology partnerships

INEOS Technologies brings this technical service to its customers in the way that best suits the client. These meetings offer the opportunity to discuss licensee’s plant performance and suggestions for improvements, discuss licensee’s questions with INEOS’ team of worldwide process and catalyst experts and review health, safety, and environmental best practices. 

This typically includes visits to the customer’s plant, backed up by remote communication. In some cases, meetings are arranged to bring together customers facing similar issues with similar technologies – these meetings allow the sharing of best practice as well as an opportunity to learn of the latest developments offered by INEOS Technologies.

Technical Service is provided to customers through a highly experienced and well trained team. These professionals include chemical engineers and scientists with a deep knowledge of their technology and the associated products.

Technical service is also available to customers buying catalysts, additives or components from INEOS Technologies for use on other technologies.

Research and development

some glass bottlesLicensees expect INEOS Technologies to provide them with state-of-the-art technologies, both now and in the future. Operating from eight Research & Technology (R&T) centres around the world, INEOS Technologies’ scientists and engineers are focused on meeting this challenge, delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers and the wider industry.

Key Capabilities

  • Catalyst development – catalyst research, development, scale-up and manufacturing support, fixed & fluid bed catalyst development, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalyst chemistry.
  • Additives development – suspending agents, antifoam, antifouling agents, polymerisation inhibitors, low cost in-situ peroxide initiators.
  • Process development – olefin, polyolefin and PVC process development and engineering design specification.
  • Product development – polyolefin resin performance enhancement.
  • Materials science - metallurgy, polymer processing and mechanical properties.
  • Modelling – fluid dynamics modelling for electrolyser design, PVC polymerisation, acrylonitrile reaction modelling, polyolefin process simulations; molecular modelling and simulation for chemical process and product development, property prediction, and atomistic-level behaviour of chemical systems.
  • High throughput experimentation - rapid analysis and screening of catalyst options.
  • Pilot plants mimicking commercial scale operation, and scale up capability – PE, PP, acrylonitrile, maleic anhydride, EDC/VCM, suspension PVC and olefins pilot plants.
  • Analytical science – broad and deep specialized analytical expertise in physical and chemical characterization, of catalysts, olefins, polyolefins, refining and fuels technologies, organics, environmental and corrosion technologies. Integrated problem solving expertise using surface science, particle technology, thermal analysis, spectroscopy, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Chromatography, and Elemental analysis.
  • Intellectual property – maintenance and development of our comprehensive intellectual property portfolio to protect our inventions.