Clipper South

Background to the development and prospects of Clipper South

In 2013 the first Clipper South well came on stream at initial rates of 1.2 million cubic metres per day. The gas is located in a tight Permian age Rotliegend reservoir which contains approximately 13.4 billion normal cubic metres of gas in place. INEOS Breagh holds 75 per cent interest in the Clipper South gas field as operator.


The development of Clipper South was accomplished in just under a year and a half after securing Government sanction. The development of the field achieved full partner sanction in July 2010 and the Field Development Plan was approved by the Government in March 2011.

The Clipper South field is being developed by drilling up to five horizontal multi-fractured wells. The first well was drilled by the Ensco 92 rig to a depth of 4,903 metres and was stimulated with eight hydraulic fractures.

The Clipper South Gas field lies in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) blocks 48/19 and 48/20, 100 kilometres east of the Lincolnshire coast. Gas from the Clipper South platform is transported about 15 kilometres to the Lincolnshire Offshore Gas Gathering System (LOGGS) and then about 100 kilometres to the onshore Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal in Lincolnshire, where the gas enters the UK grid.

The Clipper South platform is a single wellhead steel structure weighing approximately 3,000 tonnes with accommodation for 40 persons. The accommodation and platform layout facilitates well intervention operations without a drilling rig. Once steady production is established from the field, it is planned to operate the field unmanned with control of the wells from the LOGGS platform.

The licencees are:

  • INEOS Breagh UK (operator): 75%
  • Bayerngas Europe Ltd: 25%

Film highlighting the build and development of the Clipper South platform