Where we operate

Where we operate

Denmark, Norway and the West of Shetlands Area

  • Denmark

    INEOS DeNoS holds a strong production focused position in Denmark through production of oil from the Siri-area (including the Nini, Nini East and Cecilie fields).

    The South Arne area (including the Lulita field) is a large liquid weighted field and a key producing asset in the overall INEOS O&G portfolio.

    Producing Fields Denmark

    • Oil fields
      •  - Siri
      •  - Cecilie
      •  - Nini
      •  - Lulita
    • Oil and Gas fields
      •  - Syd Arne


  • Norway

    INEOS DeNoS is active in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and in the Norwegian Sea.

    Ormen Lange

    The majority of INEOS DeNoS' production comes from the Norwegian gas field Ormen Lange, of which INEOS DeNoS owns a 14% share. 

    Alve/Marulk and Gyda

    Other producing assets include Alve/Marulk and Gyda.

    Producing Fields Norway

    • Gas fields
      •  - Ormen Lange
      •  - Alve
      •  - Marulk
    • Oil and Gas fields
      •  - Gyda



    The West of Shetland area is INEOS DeNoS' focus area for oil and gas activities in the United Kingdom.

    Development with important pipeline system
    Production from the Laggan-Tormore fields started early 2016. The development of the Laggan-Tormore fields also comprise a transport system for the gas to Scotland via the Shetland Islands. This transport system now provides an opportunity for existing and future discoveries in the area.

    Development of the Glenlivet and Edradour licence
    Together with Total, who is the operator, we develop the gas fields Glenlivet and Edradour. The fields are connected to the Laggan-Tormore infrastructure and started production in August 2017.

    Producing Fields Shetlands (UK)

    • Gas fields
      •  - Laggan
        •  - Tormore
        •  - Edradour
        •  - Glenlivet