BICHLOR™ Electrolyser

Significant progress towards safer and more efficient industrial electrolysers

BICHLOR delivers superior electrolyser efficiency

INEOS_210303_7857-SM.jpgOur state-of-the-art bipolar membrane electrolyser technology is installed in over 35 countries around the world, delivering significant energy savings and long-lasting performance over a lifetime of chlor-alkali production.

BICHLOR represents a significant step forward in electrolyser design and construction, featuring a modular approach that streamlines maintenance and minimises plant downtime. Each discrete module – consisting of anode, membrane and cathode – can be removed independently, maintained in workshop-controlled conditions, and replaced without affecting the installation’s operation.

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  • Very low power consumption of 1962* kWhr/te NaOH @ 6 kA/m2 delivers significant energy savings
  • Class leading output of 52,000 metric TPA NaOH per electrolyser**
  • Robust, safe construction with superior strength and resistance to damage and distortion
  • Largest effective working area of 3.4m2 per module means fewer modules are required per tonne of NaOH
  • Support from our global network of expert, specialist teams

* Expected value @ 385mbarg, 90°C and 32wt% NaOH, subject to coating selection
**Based on 350 days operation and 7kA/m2



  • ‘Zero gap technology’ delivers full use of the membrane area and extends the membrane’s life
  • With the widest operational pressure range, all operator requirements can be met
  • Single or double-pack installations enable planning for future expansion
  • Modular design enables pre-installation pressure testing, simpler and safer maintenance, and offline preparation for rapid electrolyser turnaround
  • Fully wetted membrane design and external header helps protect against explosions and membrane damage
  • Open mesh cathode structure reduces localised heating and concentration high spots that can cause membrane damage
  • Advanced module sealing reduces the risk of leakage and corrosion
  • Proprietary, long-life electrode coatings contribute to reduced power consumption and enhanced electrolyser performance


Technical Specification

BICHLOR electrolysers out-perform the closest alternative technology on a range of key technical dimensions.

  BICHLOR Closest alternative technology performance

Active unit area, m2


2.7 - 3.27

Pressure range, mbarg

0 – 400

0 - 400

Cathode coating life, years



Anode coating life, years

8 – 12

8 – 10

Max current density, kA/m2



Expected life of units, years



In-Pan recoating;



Access to electrode pool



Pan wall thickness, mm



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