Champlor produces bio-based products from locally grown sustainable rapeseed via a fully integrated rapeseed crushing activity, supplying multiple clients within the EU in the Food, Energy, Animal Feed and Industrial sectors.


ProductFoodEnergyAnimal FeedIndustrial
Rapeseed Oil
RSME (Fatty acid ester)      

Food and Feed

INEOS has a growing presence in the food and feed industry, supplying rapeseed oil into the food market for use in bottled oils (cooking/frying/dressing), margarines, tinned products, sauces and condiments, and supplying rapemeal, oil and glycerine to the European feed industry, for instance as feed for dairy cattle or into pet foods.


INEOS is an active supplier into the green/renewable energy market, transforming the rapeseed oil it produces into biodiesel for transport fuel use by refiners, blenders and distributors which allows those customers to meet the EU’s commitment on  renewable energy targets. The co-product from the bio diesel production process, glycerine, can be used in bio-gas installations.


INEOS also supplies rapeseed oil, rapeseed methyl ester (RSME) and glycerine for either direct use or after further processing, into a wide range of markets such as lubricants, crop protection, concrete mould releases, cleaning, ink, coating applications, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fragrances.