Type  Certifications
Rapeseed Oil Food Grade Kosher
  Technical Grade Kosher
  Crude Grade Kosher, GMP+
Biodiesel   2BSvs
Rapeseed Meal   GMP+
Glycerine (Crude) Chloride Grade  Kosher, GMP+
  Acetate Grade  Kosher, GMP+
RSME (Fatty acid methyl ester)    

Rapeseed oil

Food (Edible) Grade:

A high purity and healthy vegetable oil used across the food industry in bottled oils (cooking/frying/dressing), margarines, sauces and condiments, tinned products etc.  Rapeseed oil is widely used due to its richness in the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 which the body cannot produce by itself, and for its high content of unsaturated fats and low levels of saturated fats. Replacing saturated with unsaturated fats in a diet has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol.

Technical Grade:

A high quality product that can be used in a multitude of applications, including lubricants, bio-based chemicals such as fatty acid esters, and biodiesel production.

Crude Grade:

A non-refined oil for further processing and use within a wide range of applications.

The products can be supplied by either truck or isotank.


Biodiesel meets the EN14214 standard and is blended with fossil diesel in order to contribute to the EU meeting its targets on the use of renewable energy in transport fuels. Champlor biodiesel is a fully certified biomass biofuel, certified through the French 2BSvs voluntary sustainability scheme.

The products can be supplied by truck, isotank or railcar.

Rapeseed Meal

The meal extracted from the crushing of rapeseed is a well established non GMO protein source for animals, particularly for the livestock industry, such as dairy cattle, and has the added benefit of reducing the European Unions dependence on imported Soymeal. 

The products can be supplied by truck.


The glycerine produced by INEOS is from virgin vegetable oil, is non-GMO and is Kosher certified.

The products can be supplied by either truck or isotank.

RSME (Fatty Acid Ester)

Rapeseed methyl ester is a bio-based (natural) methyl ester from fatty acids (C18 at 90-95%) that is widely used in diverse markets such as lubricants, crop protection, concrete mould releases, cleaning/detergents, ink and coating applications. The product is readily biodegradable, with a benign toxicity profile (e.g. low oral toxicity and unlikely to cause skin irritation).

The products can be supplied by either truck or isotank.