INEOS Chlorotoluenes at a glance

Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    With its production sites in Tessenderlo (Be) and Maastricht (NL) , INEOS ChloroToluenes is one of the leading World producers of Chlorinated Toluenes and Derivatives.

    Around 120  Employees based in Belgium, in The Netherlands and in the UK produce and sell a range of Chlorinated Toluene Derivatives (both ring unsubstituted and ring substituted chlorinated toluene derivatives) which are used as key raw materials and building-blocks for further chemical synthesis by our customers all over the world. INEOS ChloroToluenes sells to customers in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

    The end-products where you will “find” INEOS ChloroToluenes products will cover a very wide range of applications: paints, inks, varnishes, flavor and fragrances, photography, pharmaceutical and agrochemical active ingredients, tires, construction chemicals etc…

Vision and values

INEOS ChloroToluenes is focussed on continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our key values
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    Excel in Safety, Health and Environment

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    Focus on customer service

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    Excellent Financial Results, strict cost control

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    Motivated employees

Further Reading


INEOS ChloroToluenes are used in the production of flavourings and food additives, as precursors to a number of Pharmaceutical active ingredients.

Business Profile

INEOS ChloroToluenes is given a chance to shine after the INOVYN joint venture is formed.


INEOS takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously and is fully committed to delivering a record of responsible environmental performance across all its operations. 


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