Global Price Increase on all Melamine Formaldehyde Resins by Region

INEOS Melamines is referring to its earlier announcement and is now publishing the range of increase for MAPRENAL and RESIMENE, which is required by product group.

Methylated:   up to EUR  0,14 / kg =   (USD 0.18 / kg)

Co-Ether:      up to EUR  0,14 / kg =   (USD 0.18 / kg)

HMMM:      up to EUR  0,11 / kg =   (USD 0.14 / kg)

Butylated:     up to EUR  0,10 / kg =   (USD 0.13 / kg)

The price range may differ depending on region and product group and as contracts allow.

The INEOS Melamines Account Manager will contact our customers in near future regarding this increase.