INEOS Melamines introduces New Brochure for Low Formaldehyde Products

Effective January 1st, 2016 Formaldehyde has been re-classified in Europe and is subject to more stringent regulations. In anticipation of this move and to better serve our customers, INEOS Melamines, over the past years, had strengthened its work on free formaldehyde reduction.

As a result of these efforts INEOS Melamines can today offer a wide range of products with a free formaldehyde specification below 0.1%. Other INEOS Melamines products have free formaldehyde contents low enough that customers final formulations are not required to be labeled with reference to the new classification.

The new brochure for Low Formaldehyde Products, which shows some new and well known products, represents an extract from the current full product range.

For further information or technical support please contact your local INEOS Melamines representative or use the contact details on this website.