INEOS Melamines launches new APEO-free wetting agent HYPERSAL® XT 782

INEOS Melamines has recently launched a new wetting agent for decorative paper impregnation: HYPERSAL XT 782!

Compared with other products from our HYPERSAL range this type does not contain Alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO’s) and organic solvents.

HYPERSAL XT 782 is particularly suitable for accelerating impregnation speed and improving resin distribution during the manufacture of melamine resin impregnated papers. These could be decorative, overlay or balance papers for laminate flooring and furniture. Other possible applications include nonwoven materials and fabrics.  

HYPERSAL XT 782 excels in its high compatibility with common impregnation resins and additives, low foaming tendency and fast and homogeneous wetting of the substrates.

This new product has been successfully tested in full-scale plant trials and is commercially available.

For more information please contact your local INEOS Melamines representative or Email to: