We are committed to ensuring that our facilities have as low an impact as possible on local people and the environment and we continue to work in close partnership with community groups and other stakeholders to ensure that we are a responsible neighbour. In compliance with the legislation for the prevention of serious accidents (SEVESO), INEOS Sulphur Chemicals has an Emergency Response Plan in order to act in case of chemical risk emergencies, which can be accessed through the following link:

Our SHE Policy

Our commitment is to protect the health and safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate and the users of our products.

We aim to meet or exceed all relevant legislative requirements while minimizing the effect of our operations on the environment. We continually strive towards a goal of 'zero injuries' through our positive safety culture and the belief that all accidents are preventable.

We care...

  • About the safety, security, and health of our workforce, customers, suppliers and neighbours,
  • About the environment, today and tomorrow,
  • About compliance with the law,
  • About developing a workforce of SHE champions


We hold ourselves and one another accountable for SHE performance.


INEOS is committed to fulfilling its REACH obligations under its commitments to Responsible Care, free trade and in limiting risks of exposure to chemicals for health and the environment. Its businesses have registered with the European Chemicals Agency those substances subject to a REACH registration which are manufactured or imported in quantities exceeding 1 tonne per year.

It continues to work, alone or with co-registrants as required, to ensure that dossiers are maintained up to date and of the required quality and, where relevant, address activities pertaining to dossier evaluation, substance evaluation, restriction and authorisation. Where applicable, INEOS is also developing dossiers for REACH-like registrations in other parts of the world. If you have specific questions regarding REACH for the substance you purchase from INEOS, please contact the specific INEOS business.

Performance and Reporting

To achieve our objective of “zero injuries”, INEOS requires all employees and contractors who work under our control to adhere and contribute to the ongoing development of our strict safety, health and environmental standards and procedures.

By making safety, health and the environment an integral part of our business we encourage a culture of continuous improvement across all activities in all locations.

INEOS Group CLASSIFIED injury Rate (employees and contractors) – see below:

Safety Dark.png

Quality Registration

We maintain our commitment to adapt our products to the highest quality standards through the updated Certifications, especially in all those related to their food use.

Link: Certificado UNE 899_2019_Aenor Laboratorio.pdf (Under Customer Request)
Link: Food Certificate_2019_Aenor Laboratorio.pdf (Under Customer Request)


Certifications Documents
Bilbao, Spain ISO 9001ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001)