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INEOS signs technology and catalyst agreement for new worldscale PDH unit in Europe

INEOS has today announced the next step of its ambitious plans to construct a world-scale Propane Dehydrogenation unit, together with the first Gas Cracker to be built in Europe for more than 20 years.

After careful consideration, INEOS has selected McDermott’s Lummus CATOFIN® Technology as the operating technology for its planned PDH unit and a License Agreement has now been signed. In parallel, an agreement has been signed with Clariant for the long-term supply of catalyst for the unit.

“In June of this year, INEOS confirmed its plans to build a world-scale Gas Cracker and PDH unit here in Europe,” said Gerd Franken, Chairman of INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe. “Selection of the PDH technology is an important next step in the development of this  mega-project.”

John McNally, CEO of INEOS Project ONE said, “We are pleased to have concluded agreements with both McDermott and with Clariant and look forward to working closely with both partners in the coming months, as we move our PDH project on to the next phase.”

 The PDH unit will have a nameplate capacity of 750ktpa of polymer grade propylene and is planned to be commissioned in 2023. Propylene from the asset will feed INEOS’ polypropylene units, as well as a number of other downstream propylene derivative businesses.

 “Our plan to build a new Gas Cracker and new PDH unit is a major step-forward for the European petrochemical industry,” said Rob Ingram, CEO of INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe North. “These new units will be the most cost-competitive in Europe. The ethylene and propylene produced will increase our self-sufficiency in these key products and creates a platform for future growth of our derivative businesses. This is a very visible commitment to our customers in Europe.”  

The location for both the Gas Cracker and the PDH unit will be announced later in the year.


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