Indopol® Polybutenes | Lubricants


Indopol polybutenes are clear, pure, synthetic hydrocarbon polymers that contain no additives or aromatic compounds. Polybutenes are widely used in many automotive and industrial oil applications, replacing bright stocks and mineral oils. The performance improvements achieved with Indopol polybutenes can be attributed to their unique physical properties and wide viscosity ranges.


  • Excellent thickeners and shear stable polymers.
  • Good lubricity, high film strength and viscosity indices.
  • Low pour points, volatility and toxicity.
  • Good tack and anti-throw properties.
  • Hydrophobic, non-corrosive, non-drying, non-staining.
  • Burns cleanly, leaving no residue at elevated temperatures.
  • Wide molecular weight and viscosity range.

ADVANTAGES - as replacements for bright stocks, mineral oils and other thickeners

  • Better thickening efficiency and viscosity indices (VI).
  • Lower smoke, exhaust blocking and deposits.
  • Better low temperature properties and volatility.
  • Improved oxidation and shear stability.
  • Better anti-corrosion protection.
  • Formulator flexibility, largest product grade offering available.


  • Automotive & Industrial Gear Oils and Food-grade greases.
  • Two-Stroke/2-T Oils, Marine and Hydraulic Oils.
  • Metal Working Fluids (MWF): rolling, cutting, drawing, forging.
  • Bright stock replacement, Thickeners, LDPE Compressor Oils.
  • Wire rope and Anti-corrosion Products.

Regulatory Approvals

  • All grades Kosher Certified, as manufactured.
  • NSF White Book listing: H1, HX-1.
  • U.S. FDA clearance under Title 21-indirect food contact.

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