Indopol Polybutenes Indopol polybutenes are used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products. They are pure, clear, non-comedogenic, non-irritating, hydrophobic, non-drying, synthetic liquid polymers that can be easily emulsified. By virtue of their unique properties, polybutenes can replace mineral oils in personal care and cosmetic products, providing an upgrade in product quality and performance. The Personal Care Products Council INCI name for INEOS Indopol polybutenes is ‘Polybutene’.


  • Non-toxic and non-comedogenic.
  • Clear, non-drying.
  • Offers clarity and gloss.
  • Thickener/viscosity modifier.
  • Emollient, non-greasy/smooth feeling.
  • Acts as a binder.
  • Carrier & wetting agent.
  • Easily emulsified.
  • Inherently tacky.
  • Acts as waterproofing agent (hydrophobic).
  • Compatible with a wide range of ingredients.
ApplicationKey Functions and Benefits
Creams, Lotions Emollient, non-comedogenic, no oily feel.
Night Moisturizers Hydrophobic, long lasting and moisturizing properties.
Lipstick, Lip Gloss Inherently tacky, thickener, provides gloss, enhances retention time of product.
Sunscreens Hydrophobic, acts as a waterproofing agent.
Hair Products Inherently tacky, thickener, provides good gloss and spreadability.
Antiperspirants/ Deodorants Viscosity modifier, hydrophobic, reduces whitening residue.
Mascara Inherently tacky, thickener, long lasting, waterproof.
Color Cosmetics Wetting agent, emollient, good spreadability, mild to the skin.

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