INEOS Trading & Shipping markets and trades almost 10 million tonnes of physical feedstock every year and over 50 TWh of natural gas and power. This then enables other business within INEOS, in particular the four highly integrated and differentiated crackers of INEOS in Europe, to manufacture chemicals and polymers.

The INEOS Group prides itself on its safety performance and INEOS Trading & Shipping shares that focus.  Accordingly, the main emphasis within the Trading & Shipping business is on the safe and reliable delivery of the physical supply and logistical chain, vital for provision of the correct quality and quantity of materials at the right time.  In any 24 hour operation, delays and inaccuracies add complication and cost which need to minimised where possible.  Nowhere is this more important than in the delivery of ethane from the USA to Europe where INEOS Trading & Shipping is responsible for the operation and optimisation of INEOS’ ethane carriers – in effect a virtual pipeline across the Atlantic. 

Other areas of expertise and operation include provision of natural gas and oil price analysis and advice to the wider INEOS group of companies, management of price risk in volatile markets and constant awareness of and compliance with sanctions and financial regulations such as REMIT, EMIR and MiFID.


Vision and Values

Our Key Values
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    Best-in-class safety performance

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    Excellent customer service

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    Ethical behavior and business integrity

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    Continued reinvestment to grow our business

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    Continuous improvement

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    Encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement



INEOS Trading & Shipping is responsible for the procuring and trading of petrochemical feedstocks which come in gaseous and liquid forms as well as adding value to the downstream petrochemical products trading of other businesses within the INEOS group.

At INEOS Trading & Shipping we market and trade natural gas from INEOS’ assets in the North Sea. We also look after a large portion of our European sites' exposures to natural gas, power and emissions markets. Natural gas and power help to run a number of our sites across Europe – our portfolio extends across the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, and Norway, France and the Netherlands while we are active participants within the European Emissions Trading Scheme.


INEOS Trading & Shipping’s London, Grangemouth (Scotland) and Köln (Germany) based teams are responsible for the safe waterborne transportation of cracker feedstocks and chemical products on a global scale.

We have a growing fleet under our control of 14 vessels, which includes the 27,500 cbm Dragon series of ships capable of transporting shale gas from the US to our cracker sites in Scotland and Norway.  The shipping team transports more than 5 million tonnes of products per year for our businesses with around 2000 movements per year across seaborne and inland routes.