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We have a range of international opportunities on offer for talented graduates.

Core Graduate Engineering Programme

We recruit from all major disciplines including chemical, mechanical, electrical & instrument, and process control. When you join us, you’ll work alongside experienced engineers who’ll mentor and guide you. You will be trained on the job (and in the UK, the five-year programme will support you to achieve Chartership).

Engineers are at the very heart of our business. We have multiple opportunities and can offer progression to all. Whether you are an engineer who wants to specialise in a particular technical discipline, or who wants to take on management responsibility, we want to hear from you. Those of you who aspire to senior positions such as Asset or Plant managers and Operations Directors (a board role) will need to move between INEOS businesses and countries, to develop the broad expertise and knowledge required to lead. 

Early on in your career you will be based at one of our major manufacturing sites across the UK, Europe, Asia or the Americas. You could be involved in live projects such as commissioning new plants, leading reactor trials or major plant turnarounds. 

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Core Graduate European Commercial Programme

This 5-year programme is designed for those who aspire to be future leaders at INEOS. 

It is a centrally managed programme. You will be developed by taking on roles in different INEOS businesses, functions and countries, giving you broad international experience early on in your career. Each role will give you the accountability that’s often missing in other companies’ graduate programmes.

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What to expect

To give you a flavour of what to expect, here are some examples of roles you could find yourself in as part of the Core Graduate European Commercial programme:


Trading and Shipping

Traders need ideas and opportunities to maximise profit. As a market analyst you’ll provide them with up-to-the-minute understanding of global oil and petrochemical markets. You’ll gain this by visiting plant sites and analysing multiple data sources.



In Köln we operate a multi- business site and we have a central team responsible for procuring equipment for the various INEOS businesses. You could join this team and learn procurement “on the job”.

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Our Vinyls are produced across seven different INOVYN sites in Europe. With 33% market share and a turnover of €1.3 billion, we’re the world leader. And you could be helping to create the business’ marketing plans. You’ll learn how to gather market intelligence, analyse data reports, attend sales meetings and present to senior managers.


Production Planning

Polymers are used in key areas of sustainability, including water/gas transport, insulation, renewable energy technology, medical products, automotive parts and packaging. You will link production schedules to meet customer demands and optimise production and stock holding. You could also be involved in new customer, product and application development.



What to Expect

We invest in training and mentoring our graduates giving them real responsibility, and real reward, from Day One.

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Our Graduate roles give you a real job with real responsibility and real reward.

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