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Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS Melamines is a proven leader in the field of Melamine resins. We serve a number of global applications within the coatings, paper, textile, tire, rubber, and decorative laminates industries.

    INEOS Melamines produces a comprehensive range of Melamine resins and additives. We have a proven track record of delivering product quality, innovative solutions and value to our customers.

    By combining product performance and quality, competitiveness and reliability, we endeavour to provide the standard-setting service expected of a top quality supplier. INEOS Melamines has strategic manufacturing sites in Europe, North America and Asia. Our primary focus is to create value for our customers, by continually improving product performance, processes, customer service, and most importantly, health, safety, and environmental initiatives.


    Corporate policy

  • Background

    INEOS Melamines' roots go back to melamine resin production facilities founded at the Cassella site in Frankfurt, Germany in 1935 and at the Monsanto site in Springfield, USA in 1946.

    With our Melamine resins for coating, technical and specialty applications we are one of the leading players in the relevant markets for our products.

    Even though we have been involved in melamine resin chemistry for more than 80 years, we feel there is still substantial room for advances in product innovation, development and applications science in order to meet the changing requirements of our customers and the markets we serve.

    We strictly apply Responsible Care principles to the health and safety of our own and our customers’ employees.

    Since our beginning we have put our expertise at the service of our customers, employees and our world - and will continue to do so in the future.

Vision and Values

INEOS Melamines is a customer focused company. Our business mission is to be the supplier of choice to all customers.

Our Key Values
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    We are committed to the requirements and the expectations of our customers

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    We have highly motivated and experienced employees who are very important to our success

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    We give high priority to the safety, health and protection of the environment

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    We focus on close partnerships with our customers, providing excellent products of top quality, with the support of our global network of sales offices

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