Product Types

  • Low Formaldehyde

    As a result of our efforts we can offer a wide range of products with a free formaldehyde specification below 0.1%. Other INEOS Melamines products have free formaldehyde contents low enough that our customers’ final formulations are not required to be labeled with reference to the new classification.

    For more information about formaldehyde, we refer to the website of Formacare, the formaldehyde sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) –

  • Coatings

    INEOS Melamines Product Types CoatingsINEOS Melamines, with its MAPRENAL® and RESIMENE® melamine resins is the innovative partner for the coatings industry whenever crosslinking solutions are needed. Our resins are used in challenging coatings applications including the automotive industry, coil and can coating, and other specialised requirements.

  • Paper

    INEOS Melamines Product Types PaperMelamine resins of our MADURIT® range give unique properties to specialty papers like magazines, banknotes, filters or furniture papers. Our resins are used to increase wet strength and whiteness of paper in these and several related applications.

    MADURIT® can be added to the fiber pulp or, by means of a size or film press, to the paper surface. These resins can also be used as crosslinkers for paper coating colours applied by a blade coater or film press. With their extremely low emission rates our melamine resin systems combine the advantage of melamine resin chemistry with a maximum of environmental friendliness.

  • Textile and Glass Fleece

    INEOS Melamines Product Types Textile & Glass FleecePartly and highly etherified melamine resins of our MADURIT® and RESIMENE® product offerings are used in many applications in the textile industry. This includes both technical textiles, as well as more classical applications, such as textile printing and finishing for clothing.

    As a binder for the production of glass and organic fiber nonwovens, our resins give unique product properties, including high flame retardancy, moisture resistance and mechanical strength. With their extremely low emission rates, our MADURIT® and RESIMENE® systems combine the advantages of the melamine resin chemistry with a maximum of environmental friendliness.

  • Rubber and Tyres

    We produce highly etherified melamine resins of the HMMM type, solidifying us as a global partner in the tire industry. Our resins are used as crosslinkers for the production of tires and technical rubber articles like transport or power transmission belts. 

    RESIMENE® improves hardness and stiffness of the rubber and its adhesion to steel and textile cords.

  • Decorative Laminates

    INEOS Melamines Product Types Decorative LaminateSINEOS Melamines is a leading supplier of melamine resins and additives for laminate flooring and furniture industry. Our product portfolio of MADURIT® and HYPERSAL® include tailor-made resins for impregnation of decor, overlay and balance papers, along with hardeners, wetting agents and release agents in order to increase production efficiency.

    Additionally, we offer partly methylated melamine resins for the manufacture of decorative finish foils and edge strips, as well as products acting as crosslinkers in finish foil coatings.

Terms and conditions

Brands and trademarks


    Amino cross-linkers for thermosetting surface coatings.


    Amino cross-linkers for thermosetting surface coatings and rubber reinforcement.


    Aqueous unetherefied and etherified Melamine Resins for a variety of non coating applications, e.g. impregnation, paper, textile, edge stripes.


    Additives of a variety of chemistries for the wood finishing and coating industry.