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Indopol Polybutenes Indopol polybutenes are key components in many pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSA) and hot-melt adhesives (HMA). Polybutenes can plasticize, tackify and extend many base elastomers, enhancing many adhesive properties and offering performance improvements over mineral/process oils.


  • Good inherent, permanent tackiness.
  • Modifies the properties of the adhesive base elastomers, such as tack, softness, bond and cohesive strength, quick stick, peel strength and water resistance.
  • Safe for use in skin applications.
  • FDA approvals for indirect food contact.
  • Can be emulsified for water-based PSAs.

ADVANTAGES - as replacements for process oils

  • Contributes more tack and adhesion.
  • Improved cold temperature flexibility.
  • Improved adhesive color (pure, clear, practically non-toxic polymers).
  • Enhanced water resistance.
  • Wider range of viscosities offering greater formulation flexibility.
  • Very low toxicity.
  • Can not be easily extracted from vulcanized elastomers by solvents.

Application Markets

  • Labels and tapes (masking, friction, surgical, industrial).
  • Food packaging (cups, trays, plates, bags, lid films).
  • Disposable soft goods (diapers, feminine and incontinence products).
  • Case, carton, and bag seaming, furniture, book binding.

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