Grangemouth, UK

The Grangemouth refinery and petrochemicals facility is INEOS’ largest production centre. It is a deeply integrated site exploiting synergies between the refinery and the petrochemicals plants. Located 40 kilometres west of Edinburgh on a 1700-acre site, the petrochemicals facility manufactures over 2 million tonnes of chemicals products per annum and the refinery has an annual capacity of 10 million tonnes.

At the heart of the petrochemicals site is the KG ethylene cracker which produces the feed materials used by the other chemicals plants. The unit has an ethylene production capacity of around 1 million tonnes per year between them. The KG (Kinneil Gas) unit is a gas cracker using mainly ethane and propane as its raw materials. Grangemouth's ability to crack gas feedstocks has significant commercial advantages.

The Grangemouth Refinery processes around 200,000 barrels per day of crude oil, producing more than 9 million tonnes of fuels per year. The refinery’s oil feedstock is mainly supplied by the neighbouring INEOS-operated Kinneil oil and gas processing plant, with an increasing proportion imported to the site via pipeline from the Finnart Ocean Terminal located 90 kilometres west of Grangemouth.

Grangemouth, UK


Phone: +44 1324 483422
Fax: +44 1324 476159

Newton Aycliffe, UK

INEOS Newton Aycliffe Ltd manufactures PVC resins and PVC compounds at the160 acre site, which comprises two businesses, INEOS ChlorVinyls and INEOS Enterprises Compounds business. It has a capacity of around 290 kte per annum of PVC resins from the largest S-PVC production site in the UK and some 122 kte per annum of compounds from the largest single site PVC compounding plant in Europe with these products sold to other businesses in the construction, cable insulation, packaging, automotive and medical industries.

Newton Aycliffe, UK


Phone: +44 1325 300 555

Helsingborg, Sweden

INEOS Enterprises Helsingborg Site forms part of the INEOS Compounds group which also consists of the sites in Sins in Switzerland and Newton Aycliffe in England. The annual capacity of PVC Compounds from this site is 22 000 tonnes. The plant is located in the town of Helsingborg by the coast in the south of Sweden. The site employs approximately 55 staff and manufactures PVC Compounds for a variety of applications. The products are delivered mainly in the Nordic market as rigid and flexible pellets as well as in powder form called “dry blend”.

Helsingborg, Sweden


Phone: +46 42 250 200
Fax: +46 42 250 280

Sins, Switzerland

INEOS Compounds Switzerland AG is located in Sins, close to Zug and Lucerne. The site employs 45 staff and has an annual capacity of 30,000 mt of PVC Compounds. It has a regional focus, serving central and east Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland and Slovakia. Products manufactured here include rigid and flexible compounds in granules and dry blends that are used in various applications in the automotive, building and medical industry.

Sins, Switzerland

CH-5643 SINS

Phone: +41 41 7898 000
Fax: +41 41 7898 788

Herne, Germany

Herne site is located in the heart of the Ruhr area, not far away from Bochum, Gelsenkirchen and Marl. Herne site is a former mining site, founded in 1855 as Zeche Shamrock 3. You still find historical relics from this time such as the protected clocktower.

Herne site comprises 16 ha, its main product is synthetic Ethanol. The first Ethanol plant started production in 1959. INEOS synthetic Ethanol can be blended with a variety of denaturants to meet specific customer requirements. Herne site also produces DEE, a high-quality C2 derivate. In addition, IPA and Peroxides are produced in Herne as well. Our products are in line with EN ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as Kosher Certificates. You will find our products for example in disinfectants and defrosters, in perfumes, deodorants and after shaves. But also in inks, tyres and gloves. Our products are also used as pharmaceutical extractants and many applications more.

Herne Directions


44623 HERNE

Phone: +49 (0) 2323 1477 3000

Moers, Germany

Sitting on 38 hectares, Moers site is located on the Lower Rhine, 30 kilometers away from Düsseldorf. It was constructed in 1936 by former mining company Rheinpreussen as the first plant ever to produce synthetic fuels via Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis. In 1939, focus was switched to producing chemical products, especially oxygenated solvents. During the following decades, Moers site became an important European player in producing solvents and fine chemicals.

Our products are synthetic alcohols with custom-made degrees of purity - such as IPA and its derivate DIPE, MEK, SBA, MA, alkoholates and alkyl chlorides, MIPK and ASA. Moers site is connected to its own harbour with storage facilities in Duisburg-Homberg via rail, therefore offering trimodal logistic opportunities. Nearly all of our manufacturing processes have been designed and constructed by our own engineers. We are also proud of our DOROX®-products, which have been developed, patented and registered as trademarks by our own experts. You will find our products for example in paints, inks and coatings, in tyres, gloves and seals, in aromes and vitamins, in cleansing materials and disinfectants, and also in toiletries and cosmetic products such as hairspray or perfumes. The plant has certified quality and environmental management systems according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Moers Directions


474433 MOERS

Phone: +49 (0) 2841 49 0

Ashtabula, USA

The Ashtabula Complex consists of two facilities – Plant 1 and Plant 2 – that produce titanium dioxide pigment (TiO2) and titanium chemicals products.

Performance Summary

Ashtabula’s commitment to sustainable growth balances the company’s responsibility to provide economic value while respecting the social concerns of the community in which we operate and demonstrating care for the environment.

Respecting Social Concerns

  • Community Involvement — The company is actively involved in the local community including the American Red Cross; Ashtabula Chamber of Commerce; Ashtabula County Medical Center Foundation; Ashtabula Safety Council; Civic Development Corporation; Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County and Leadership Ashtabula County.
  • Education — Employees from the Ashtabula Complex supported numerous educational activities including Career Days and Science Project Judging at local schools; Growth Partnership Mentorship Program and Scholarship; Cooperative Education Program and the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council’s Teachers in Education Program.
  • Safety Performance — As of December 2018, Ashtabula Plant 2 has achieved 10.5 million work hours (over 7,898 days) without a lost-time injury and Ashtabula Plant 1 completed over 368,000 work hours (over 240 days) without a lost-time injury. From 2010-2017 the injury rate averaged 0.49, and in 2018 the complex injury rate averaged 1.31. The complex continues to ensure the safety and health of our employees and contractors in the forefront of all that we do. Recognizing that all injuries are preventable, we continue on our Journey to Zero injuries and incidents.
  • Environmental Performance — A complex-wide emissions cap was incorporated into the plant’s air permitting to provide flexibility in managing air emissions going forward. Ashtabula continues to manage carbon through the carbon management initiatives and continues to realize reductions in carbon monoxide and carbonyl sulfide air emissions.
  • Energy Efficiency — A cogeneration plant began operation in 2001 to provide steam and electricity to both plants. The project was recognized for reduced fuel consumption and responsible energy management with a combined Heat and Power Certificate of Recognition.

Glen Burnie, USA

INEOS Pigments’ corporate headquarters is located in the world-class research and administrative facility in the Baltimore, Maryland, suburb of Glen Burnie. The facility is home to commercial, supply chain, finance, human resources, research and development, and technical services departments for the company. The employees here support the company’s commitment to titanium dioxide and the coatings, plastics, paper industries.

Caring For The Environment

The INEOS Pigments’ corporate headquarters is committed to sustainable growth balancing the company’s responsibility to provide economic value while respecting the social concerns of the community in which we operate.

  • Safety Performance – The employees in Glen Burnie have achieved more than 23 years and 3.5 million safe work hours without a lost time injury.
  • Prevention – The site has a program in place to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of our processes so that accidental releases are prevented.

Joliet, USA

The approximate one square mile INEOS Joliet plant site is located about 45 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois. INEOS Joliet is a leading producer of chemical intermediates. At our site in Channahon, Illinois we produce three products - Purified Isophthalic Acid (PIA), Trimellitic Anhydride (TMA) and Maleic Anhydride (MAN).

23425 Amoco Road
Channahon, IL 60410

Timmins, Canada

The Timmins Site is a state of the art sulfur dioxide production facility in Timmins, Ontario. Customers in Canada are able to source material within the region and help support the local economy. The site occupies 5 acres and employs around 20 people.

375 Hallnor Rd
ON P0N 1C0

Port Neches, USA

The Port Neches plant is a major production site of sulfur dioxide and related derivatives. The facility manufactures sulfur dioxide and derivatives such as sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite and sodium thiosulfate and serves customers in both North and South America. It employs around 70 people on 20 acres in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Port Neches
5500 Hwy 366
Port Neches
TX 77651

Marl, Germany

The former ISP MARL now INEOS Solvents Marl GmbH is located at the Marl Chemical Park. In 1993 the old acetylene plant from 1939 was put out of service, and a new, state-of-the-art acetylene plant was put into operation. In 2007 a new plant for the production of 2-Butenediol (B2D) with a capacity of a 3,500 metric tons per year was put into operation. The plant was running at capacity already in the first year of operation.

In the midst of the global financial and economic crisis in 2009, the 2,000,000th metric ton butanediol was produced. ISP Inc. was acquired by Ashland Inc. (ASH) in August 2011. In 2014 a new formaldehyde plant with a capacity of 54,000 metric tons per year was opened at ISP Marl GmbH with the aim to secure the supply of raw materials. In November 2018, INEOS Enterprises announced the completion of the acquisition of the entire composites business of Ashland Global Holdings Inc., including the Ashland production facilities at Marl Chemical Park. Since 1st September the former ISP MARL GmbH is now operating as INEOS Solvents Marl GmbH.

Paul-Baumann-Straße 1
45764 Marl
+49 23654907

Bilbao, Spain

The Bilbao Sulphuric Acid Plant is located in the Port of Bilbao in Northern Spain, only 20km from the city. The facility was commissioned in 2013 and makes use of the most recent technical advances in sulphuric acid production, heat recovery and electricity generation. The plant produces high purity sulphuric acid and oleum (acid equivalent capacity of 340 thousand tonnes p.a.) as well as molten sulphur through its re-melting facility. The products, sold regionally and exported, are used in a wide variety of applications like ore leaching, oil refining, chemical manufacturing and fertilisers.

Dique de Ziérbana Muelle AZ 1
Ziérbana, BI
+34 944 97 00 03