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Indopol® Polybutenes | Sealants/ Caulks/ Putties


Indopol® polybutene plasticizes, extends and adds tack to a variety of elastomer-based caulks and sealants, resulting in softer, more easily extruded products.  Polybutenes can contribute desirable properties and performance benefits when used as partial replacements for drying oils and/or solvents in sealant and putty formulations.


  • Good inherent permanent tackiness.
  • Hydrophobic, non-drying, does not inhibit cure.
  • Modifies the properties of elastomer-base caulks & sealants, such as tack, softness, cohesive strength and water resistance.
  • Negligible evaporation loss at ambient temperature.
  • Binds and wets fillers to improve flow.
  • Oxidatively stable with good low temperature properties.

ADVANTAGES - as partial replacements for process drying oils, and solvents 

  • Contributes more tack, adhesion and bond cohesion.
  • Improved permanence and ageing characteristics.
  • Less shrinkage, cracking and seepage.
  • Improved low temperature flexibility and pliability.
  • Reduction in moisture vapor transmission.
  • Less slump and sag with lower oil to filler ratios.
  • Can function as a primary carrier/vehicle component in non-drying sealants and conventional caulks.

Application Markets


  • Gun-grade caulks and sealants.
  • Clear and insulated-glass (IG) and solar panel sealants.
  • Architectural and automotive sealants and tapes.
  • RV, metal building and construction sealants.
  • Glazing, plumber and HVAC putties.

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