Stretch / Cling Film

Indopol® Polybutenes | Tackified Polyethylene Stretch / Cling Film


Indopol polybutenes are ideally suited as tackifiers and cling agents for linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) blown and cast films. Polybutenes can be employed in the production of LLDPE/polybutene masterbatches or more typically added directly to the LLDPE during the film extrusion process. The major areas of application for tackified LLDPE film are bale silage wrap, pallet stretch wrap, and hand/domestic food cling wrap. Films tackified with Indopol polybutene exhibit good clarity, durability and cling properties.


  • Good inherent permanent tackiness.
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 approvals for intended food contact.
  • Hydrophobic, non-drying, stable to UV light, heat and air.
  • Good moisture and air barrier properties of film interlayer.
  • Colorless (water-white), non-staining.
  • Can be added by direct addition or masterbatch for handling ease.
  • Choice of various viscosity grades to obtain desired cling properties.

ADVANTAGES - as compared to Polyolefin Elastomers (POE)


  • Contributes excellent tack and re-tack to the film. Superior lap and peel cling properties.
  • Provides an air tight seal to preserve forage value in silage bale wraps.
  • Enhanced mechanical properties (puncture and tear resistance).
  • Improved optical properties (gloss, haze).
  • Outstanding processing aid resulting in lower melt pressure and reduced energy consumption.



APPLICATION MARKETS - Blown / Cast Stretch Cling

  • Silage/haylage bale wrap.
  • Pallet stretch wrap.
  • Stretch wrap film.
  • Domestic/hand food wrap.

"Cling Properties: an insight into the performance of blown stretch films."

AMI - Stretch and Shrink Film 2016 Conference presentation is available upon request.


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