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Prepare to push yourself


  • Welcome

    INEOS is one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world, employing around 19,000 people on 171 sites across 24 countries. With annual sales of $60 billion, we have grown rapidly in the petrochemicals sector over the past 20 years, and more recently focused on broadening our activity into the Upstream sector. Yet, we are often referred to as the biggest company that you have never heard of, as we are not publicly quoted and don’t sell directly to consumers. Rather, we sell our products business to business, providing the raw materials necessary for manufacturing a wide variety of goods.

    Our products make a significant contribution to saving lives, improving health and enhancing standards of living for people around the world. In many of the markets we operate in we are number one in the world.

  • Day One

    Graduates who join INEOS are given clear accountability as a key part of our business, with real targets and responsibilities from day one.

    This way, we’ve found that INEOS graduates learn faster, have better job satisfaction and deliver more quickly than if we rotate them through a series of placements which have been handed down from graduate to graduate for years.

    This straightforward approach works for us, and for our graduates. We get a fresh perspective and they feel valued because they get to work day-to-day with high calibre individuals - experts in their field - from the start of their career.

    What can you expect?

    • A real job from Day One. Become a key part of our business with specific accountability and responsibility from the start.
    • Meaningful roles that are more rewarding. INEOS graduates learn faster get more satisfaction than if we rotate them through a set of ‘starter’ placements.
    • Access to high-calibre mentors. Our graduates work day-to-day and get support from highly experienced experts in your field.


    Apart from the variety, you instantly get a lot of responsibility at INEOS. This is something you don’t get so soon in other companies, and gives you the possibility to learn and grow quickly 
    Yens Geubels, Mechanical Engineer, Antwerp

  • The INEOS Challenge

    INEOS success is built on challenge, seeking new opportunities and giving our people the scope and accountability to deliver.

    If you thrive on challenge and are prepared to push yourself to develop further, then INEOS’s open and direct approach to business will give you the opportunity to thrive- in a real job with real responsibility from Day One.

    For the right people this creates an exciting and rewarding working environment.

    If you are prepared to go beyond your comfort zone then we will help you develop further than you can imagine.

    I like that INEOS is a young company which encourages innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, constantly looking for new opportunities and on the forefront of market developments.
    Claire Dillon, Process Engineer, Runcorn

  • The INEOS Difference

    We have a flat organisational structure. We don’t like committees and we are non-bureaucratic.

    To succeed, our business has to be efficient and responsive. As a result our people tend to be straightforward and to the point.

    We put a real value on everyone being open, informal, non-hierarchical and non-political. So as part of the team your ideas will be heard from the very start.

    Along with everyone at INEOS, you will be exposed to senior decision makers as part of your role. You will challenge the status quo because fresh thinking and new ways of doing things are critical to the ongoing success of our company.

    In this film Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS talks about what makes the company an exciting place to work. If you thrive on challenge and are prepared to push yourself, then INEOS's direct approach to business will give you the opportunity to deliver from day one - creating an exciting and rewarding working environment. 


Each year we recruit technical graduates onto two graduate programmes. Choose either "Commercial" or "Engineering" below to find out more.


  • Engineering

    INEOS has well established graduate engineering programmes in Europe and the US. These are typically of 5 years duration and you will achieve professional accreditation qualifications as appropriate. Based at one of our large manufacturing sites, you will find yourself working on real projects with experienced engineers who will mentor and guide you. You will develop key skills and gain a broad based experience. You can progress in all key engineering disciplines, including chemical, mechanical, electrical & instrument and process control. Later in the programme, you may also have the opportunity to move sites or businesses. Hence the ability and desire to be mobile is something we look for, particularly if you wish to attain senior management roles within engineering such as Site or Operations manager.

    For examples of the type of engineering roles you would start in, visit the Graduate section below where you can view videos featuring some of our current graduates.

  • Commercial

    If you are interested in business roles, then our European commercial graduate programme is for you. You are most likely to be an engineering or science graduate, although other numerate disciplines will be considered. The aim of this 4/5 year programme is to provide you with a breadth of commercial experience early in your career. You will typically move roles every 2 years - this could involve moving from one business to another, changing functions and even moving countries. Hence you must be geographically flexible. Each role will provide a new challenge and will enable you to gain a wide range of experience, essential for anyone aspiring to be a future leader. Should you move countries, language training & support is provided.

    Since we recruit graduates into real jobs from Day One, the roles available will vary each year. Examples of areas you could work in include supply chain, logistics, trading & shipping sales and operations. You will apply to the programme, rather than for a particular role and once you have been accepted we will work with you to match you to a suitable role.

  • Requirements

    So what do you need to be accepted onto our graduate programmes?

    As well as technical excellence we are looking for graduates with a mindset that fits INEOS’ approach to business - people who:

    • have a pragmatic, can-do attitude
    • enjoy and thrive on challenge
    • take personal ownership and responsibility are adaptable and open to new ways of working
    • are proactive in leading change
    • are incisive when dealing with situations and communicating


    If this sounds like you then you should apply now via our Are You In? section.

  • Are you IN?
    The Graduate Programme at INEOS
    View on YouTube

    We believe INEOS is a refreshing place to work and we are prepared to embrace new approaches to business. If you thrive on challenge and are prepared to push yourself to develop further then INEOS’s open and direct approach to business will give you the opportunity to deliver, in a real job with real responsibility from day one. But don't just take our word for it- in the videos below, some of our recent graduates share their INEOS experiences so far.

What to expect Training

  • Training

    • On the job training locally
    • Core skills training (functional and general)
    • Support in working towards professional qualifications, including Chartered status
    • Ethos of continuous improvement and development
  • Mentoring

    • Learn from the experience of a senior manager
    • Challenge and stretch yourself to develop
    • Seek advice, support and guidance on your progress and goals
  • Performance Appraisal

    • Ongoing informal discussions on performance
    • Annual formal discussion with your line manager
    • Agree next challenge & stretch targets for the year ahead
    • Aim of ongoing and formal discussions is to review progress, continually improve and gain recognition for achievements
  • Personal Development Planning

    • Discuss your progress, potential, aspirations & goals
    • Begin to think about the future and your career path
    • Consider potential opportunities
  • Reward

    • £35,500 UK starting salary
    • Enhanced salary progression during graduate programme
    • Competitive starting salary, increasing with experience
    • Attractive company benefits
    • Annual business performance bonuses: (business-specific)
  • Corporate events

    • Corporate events are year 1 and 3
    • Meet senior managers and learn about INEOS' strategy, growth projects and corporate wellness
    • Learn about; financial management, leadership, business strategy
    • Opportunity to network with senior managers from across INEOS and other graduates.
  • Namibia

    Like what you see?  If you join our graduate programme, you will get the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime.

    In spring 2017, INEOS took its third year graduates on an African adventure - to test and expand their limits, build their fitness, and show them what they’re truly capable of when they say yes, prepare wisely and dare to win.  Here’s a taster of what they accomplished…

    For 6 days, our graduate team- supported by medical and fitness experts – ran, cycled and hiked their way through the untouched Namibian desert.  They endured gruelling physical conditions and climbed mountains both real and metaphorical.  The reward was huge – our grads felt the satisfaction of having completed the rarest and toughest of teambuilding challenges,  endured the health and fitness gains of months of preparation and left with the lifelong knowledge that they can truly achieve anything when they ‘take the mental brakes off’.

    “Wonderful, unique and challenging” – Thomas Liebig, Process Performance Manager

    “Insane, amazing, brutal!...Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.  Even knowing how hard the challenge would be I would not hesitate to say yes again in a heartbeat.  This trip has given me the drive to look for more adventures/test myself further.  I have signed up for my first babe ultra – it can’t be as hard as running in the desert in 47°C” – Danielle Ryder, Mechanical Engineer

    “I had never undertaken any challenge quite like this before…it’s pretty amazing what your body can pull off when you set your mind to it.” – Ursula Heath, Group Communications Officer

    “Namibia was life-affirming.  Reaching the top of the Brandberg mountain was a fantastic feeling…The views made it well worth the climb – and the BBQ’d steak at the top of the mountain just topped it off!” – Scott McIntyre, Development Engineer

    ‘It’s great to think that some individuals participating in this challenge and gaining this experience were non-runners and cyclists less than a year ago.” – Lee Marshall, Process Engineer

    “It has completely changed my life – I am fitter, stronger and my life is fuller.  I have met so many new people (in and out of work) through my training and I am saying yes to so many new experiences.” – Grace Mclean, Process Engineer

    And don’t worry – we cater to all fitness levels and will provide you with fitness advice and a training programme to suit you.