The Daily Mile gains ground

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The Daily Mile gains ground

More and more schools sign up to follow in Elaine’s footsteps
JUN 2016

A FORMER headteacher’s vision to get every child in every school in the UK running a mile for fun every day has turned a corner – thanks, in part, to the GO Run For Fun Foundation.

Four years ago Elaine Wyllie’s primary school in Stirling, Scotland, was the only UK school running what she christened The Daily Mile.

But today her campaign to produce a healthier and leaner generation has been formally endorsed by the Scottish Government for all its primary schools – and more schools from all corners of the UK are signing up every day.

“We are working to build a national network and already, we know from social media of hundreds of schools that are picking it up,” said Ursula Heath, Group Communications Officer, who also works with GO Run For Fun Foundation.

“We are working with Elaine and our GO Run For Fun network to turn it into a national programme,” said Ursula. “It’s hugely exciting to see this take off, and to know that we are working towards improving the health and wellbeing of the UK’s children for years to come.”

Elaine, who is now retired, is working to encourage more headteachers to get involved.

“It’s ultimately the headteachers who lead the adoption of The Daily Mile, and Elaine’s stellar teaching CV and passion for her cause inspire others to embrace the initiative,” said Ursula.

On March 17, The Daily Mile Foundation was officially launched at Hallfield Primary School in Westminster, London, supported by the GO Run For Fun Foundation.

“Our dream is that one day every child in the UK will have the chance to run daily at school,” said Ursula.

The immediate hope is that the British Government will also see the benefits of incorporating The Daily Mile into the national school curriculum as a way of helping to tackle the UK’s growing obesity crisis.

It is believed one in three children in the UK are now classed as overweight or obese.

“We think this campaign can make a huge difference in addressing that problem,” said Ursula.

Visit The Daily Mile Website at: Also follow the campaign on Twitter @thedailymile and Facebook


The Daily Mile Launch at Hallfield Primary, 17th March 2016

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