INEOS Group Businesses

We operate the Ineos Group business through three segments: Olefins & Polymers Europe, Olefins & Polymers USA and Chemical Intermediates. Chemical Intermediates consists of 5 automonous businesses. The products we manufacture are derived from crude oil and natural gas, and include olefins, polymers and various petrochemical products directly or indirectly derived from olefins.

INEOS O&P Europe

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe are Europe's largest ethylene producer.


INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA is a major participant in the North American chemical industry.

INEOS Nitriles

INEOS Nitriles is the world's largest producer of acrylonitrile & acetonitrile.

INEOS Oligomers

INEOS Oligomers is the world's largest integrated producer of low viscosity polyalpha olefins.


INEOS Oxide are Europe's largest producer of ethylene glycol.

INEOS Phenol

INEOS Phenol is the world's largest producer and supplier of Phenol, Acetone and AMS.

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst supplies state-of-the-art catalysts worldwide for use in a wide range of polyethylene and polypropylene processes.