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Production in Stenungsund started in 1967. The site is located at the West Coast of Sweden where a Petrochemical centre was built during the sixties. The site was originally founded by the Swedish company Fosfatbolaget (later KemaNord/KemaNobel).

In 1984 Norsk Hydro became the owner of the site. INEOS acquired the site in 2008. The process includes three production steps - chlorine, VCM and PVC. End products produced by INOVYN at Stenungsund are caustic soda liquor, hydrogen gas, hydrochloric acid and PVC. The site has certified quality, environmental and energy management systems according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011.

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The chlorvinyls supplier of choice for manufacturers around the world

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