Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. INEOS Joliet is created

  2. PIA production capability became the largest in the world with the 1998 expansion.

  3. Amoco produced the first commercial purified isophthalic acid (PIA) in 1985 and the PTA unit was converted to full time PIA in 1992.

  4. The 1990s also saw the expansion of both PIA and TMA capacities, the addition of anaerobic wastewater treatment facility, and the addition of a butane pipeline.

  5. In the mid-1970s a maleic anhydride unit was constructed and isophthalic acid production was campaigned in the oxidation unit.

  6. A dedicated trimellitic anhydride unit started operation in 1969.

  7. Oxidation technology to produce terephthalic acid was developed and expanded in the 1960s and the first commercial purified terephthalic acid (PTA) unit in the world was built in 1965.

  8. Amoco began development in 1957 with oxidation processes to produce dimethyl terephthalate and phthalic anhydride.