GO Run for Fun is an international childrens fitness campaign, designed to inspire children to be more active through fun short-distance running events. It has been a phenomenal success with over 170,000 children taking part since it was launched three years ago.

The GO Run for Fun programme has a very simple aim - to get as many kids between the age of 5 and 10 running as possible, through well organised events. Whether it is 1 km or 1 mile doesn’t matter. Since GO Run for Fun kicked off in Summer 2013, we have seen young runners take part in events spanning the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France and Houston, USA - and the number of events is still growing!

From its inception, The Go Run for Fun Foundation has been supported by INEOS and its founder, Jim Ratcliffe, driven by a personal belief that promoting the health and well-being of young people is a critical responsibility for INEOS and our wider society.

To follow GO Run for Fun’s planned events, and find out when we're running near you, visit GO Run for Fun’s dedicated Events page. You can also contribute to the initiative by clicking the "Donate" button.

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For further information about INEOS GO Run For Fun visit the site at: www.gorunforfun.com