Claire Dillion Process Engineer

Name: Claire Dillon  

Job title: Process Engineer

University/college attended: University of Leeds

Degree qualification and year of graduation (e.g. BEng electrical engineering 2009): BEng and MEng Chemical Engineering 2013

Postgraduate qualification and graduation date (if applicable- e.g. MSc medical physics, University of Surrey 2010): I studied an integrated masters so I received both qualifications at the same time.


How did you find out about the INEOS grad scheme/your job, and what attracted you to apply?

I joined INEOS through a pre-university year in industry organised by the Year in Industry Scheme (YINI) which is run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) when I was 18 years old. EDT sent my CV to INEOS and when I was offered an interview I researched the company. I was attracted to this company because of the real projects they offered and I thought it was the perfect place to develop new skills. I was also attracted to the fact that there where several plants on the one site with lots of different types of technology to learn about.

How did you find the application/interview process?

My interview process consisted of a year in industry, two summer vacation schemes in England, one summer vacation scheme in France, several presentations of my work, an assessment centre and a competencies interview. As I enjoyed working here I enjoyed the interview process and gained a lot of new skills. It also meant that I was able to see if I liked the company and if I fitted in with the people that worked here.

What does your role involve? What are some typical activities/key responsibilities?

I provide technical support to two COMAH registered plants. This involves daily production reviews, suggestions of operational changes to increase efficiency and technical guidance on plant issues. I am also involved in money saving projects, plant reliability improvement projects and the specification and design of new equipment.   

What other roles have you held since joining INEOS?

None. From day one of being a graduate employee of INEOS I have been a process engineer taking on the full responsibilities of a process engineer.

What training have you received?

I am on a development scheme which involves several training days on management development in which we develop soft skills such as communication, time management and managing people. I have been on several safety courses, some to learn about health and safety legislation and some to learn about how to respond to an incident. I have been learning design codes and standards on the job as I have been designing and specifying equipment. I have also have meetings with business managers to understand the commercial side of INEOS. My training will ensure that I am technically excellent with good business acumen and obtain invaluable people skills.

What do you hope/expect for your next couple of years at INEOS?

I would like to become a chartered engineer within the next year or so. Once I am confident that I have good engineering and technical skills I would like to use these skills to become a plant manager or project manager. I will constantly be looking to progress my career.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy that my time is split between the office and the plant and everyday is different. My job presents interesting problems and encourages innovative thinking to solve them.

What are the highlights of your time at INEOS so far?

My greatest achievement so far has been reducing nitrogen consumption on the plant which has saved the company £433K per year. I have also specified new fans for a distillation condenser which has increased production rates in the summer.

What challenges have you faced in your role so far, and how have you overcome them? What support has been provided?

When delivering a project it is very important to reduce capital spend which means there must be a balance between creating an inherently safe, easy to operate system with as low as practically possible capital investment. The more involvement I have with the projects the more aware I’m becoming of how much things cost and what to avoid doing if possible.

Why do you particularly like about working at INEOS, and would you recommend it to future graduates?

I like that INEOS is a young company which encourages innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, constantly looking for new opportunities and on the forefront of market developments. I would recommend INEOS to a graduate who is eager to develop new skills in a global company that presents a lot of opportunities.