Elsa Martigny Catalyst Technologist

Name: Elsa Martigny

Job title: Catalyst Technologist

University/college attended: University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France

Degree qualification and year of graduation: PhD in chemistry, 2010


How did you find out about the INEOS grad scheme/your job, and what attracted you to apply?

My PhD lab worked with INEOS on some of our projects. Thanks to this network, I heard that there was a vacancy at INEOS that was a perfect fit for my skills.

How did you find the application/interview process?

I met with 8 people in total during the interview process, including my current boss and senior management. Discussions were both about technical skills and individual/personal skills. I felt comfortable and welcomed, and got on very well with everyone in INEOS that I met, which helped me know that I would enjoy the company culture.

What does your role involve? What are some typical activities/key responsibilities?

I am conducting research on catalysts. In practice, my main activity is to develop new catalysts (or optimize catalysts already existing) for the production of polyethylene. I research our processes from start to finish, from the lab to the industrial plant.

The complimentary part of my role is then to provide support to our catalyst manufacturing plant and polyethylene production plant.

What other roles have you held since joining INEOS?

When I joined INEOS, I have held and developed in this role since Day 1, which perfectly suits my skills and interests.

What training have you received?

I’ve received really varied training, covering for instance leadership, business skills, wellness at work, time management, communication and project management. And of course plenty of safety training, which is of paramount importance at INEOS.

What do you hope/expect for your next couple of years at INEOS?

I love doing research, so I’d like to stay in this role for a couple more years, but after this I could be interested in moving towards work in catalyst manufacturing. 

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the challenges we are constantly facing with developing new catalysts. I also enjoy how people-focused my role is, being in contact with a wide variety of people (from the lab, from the plants, from the process, and from the commercial side). 

What are the highlights of your time at INEOS so far?

The successes we had on one specific project springs to mind- with my team we developed an entirely new and very good catalyst at a lab, which is now produced at an industrial scale!

What challenges have you faced in your role so far, and how have you overcome them? What support has been provided?

In the past I have had do some very important crisis management with my team, which has been a matter of acting fast and communicating well as a team. We have had to do in depth investigations of the catalyst production plant to solve issues, using a varied task force. We support each other and it’s great when we eventually are successful with our efforts.  

Why do you particularly like about working at INEOS, and would you recommend it to future graduates?

I like the responsibilities that were given to me from Day 1. I like the feeling of being a valued part of a team, and I really like the daily varied challenges of my work. I feel like I am part of something important.