Maleic Anhydride

MAN – maleic anhydride – is a low molecular weight, unsaturated, carboxylic anhydride.

MAN, Maleic Anhydride

MAN – Maleic Anhydride – is a low molecular weight, unsaturated, carboxylic anhydride. The clear, colorless molten product is available in rail tank cars, tank trucks, and ISO (intermodal) tank containers.

In coating resins MAN

  • Introduces cure sites for crosslinking in reactive cure coatings like alkyds
  • Provides a reactive site for UV-cured coatings
  • Elevates glass transition temperature to improve hardness and shorten dry times

MAN is a versatile chemical platform with two distinctive reactive sites and is

  • An essential component in making unsaturated polyester resins
  • Key to many lubricating oil additives, dispersants and corrosion inhibitors
  • Necessary to prepare alkenyl succinic anhydrides (ASA) used in paper sizing, detergents, oil field chemicals, and epoxy curing agents
  • Reacted into copolymers with vinyl ethers, styrene, and acrylic acid used in adhesives, textiles, cosmetics, toothpaste, emulsifiers, dispersants, paints and inks
  • Used to synthesize malic acid for flavor enhancement and pH control in food and beverages
  • An intermediate leading to fumaric acid, agricultural chemicals, water treatment agents, fire retardants, and sweeteners

Other Products

Trimellitic Anhydride

TMA – Trimellitic Anhydride - is a trifunctional, highly reactive aromatic anhydride.