Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. INEOS USA Oil and Gas business is transferred to INEOS Energy

  2. WL Plastics acquires Charter Plastics’ Titusville, PA manufacturing site

  3. Olefins 2 debottleneck adds 600m lbs of capacity at the Chocolate Bayou Works

  4. INEOS acquires Sasol’s 50% interest in Gemini HDPE LLC

  5. Invested in the Power Island increasing the Chocolate Bayou Works power self-sufficiency

    New WL Plastics pipe manufacturing site constructed in Lubbock, Texas

    INEOS USA Oil and Gas business is launched

  6. 5050.png

    470 kta Innovene S bimodal HDPE line is commissioned at the Battleground Manufacturing Complex in a Joint Venture with Sasol NA

  7. money.png

    INEOS Olefins & Polymers acquires 100% of the shares of WLP Holding Corp., one of the largest high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe manufacturers in North America.

  8. INEOS Olefins & Polymers and Sasol sign a memorandum of understanding to build a 470 kilotons per annum bimodal HDPE line at INEOS’ Battleground Manufacturing Facility

  9. INEOS Olefins & Polymers announces its intention to increase furnace capacity at its Chocolate Bayou No2 UNIT BY 465 Million pounds/Year

  10. pipes4.png

    The southern Ridge Pipeline joint venture is dissolved: 4 pipelines from Texas City, TX to the CBW corridor are acquired


  11. INEOS Olefins & Polymers commissions a Bimodal Polyethylene line at its Battleground manufacturing plant. 
    Battleground Manufacturing Complex PP Lines 1 and 2 are decommissioned.

  12. INEOS Olefins & Polymers decommissions its Chocolate Bayou PP2 unit

  13. doublecircle.png

    INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA is formed

  14. pipe.png

    An additional pipeline is constructed between CBW and BP's Texas City Refinery

    BP purchases Solvay's remaining share of BPSolvay HDPE joint venture

    BP spins off its chemical assets into a new company, INNOVENE

    INEOS acquires INNOVENE

  15. 5050.png

    BPSolvay and Chevron Phillips commission a joint manufacturing HDPE facility at Chevron

    Phillips' Cedar Bayou facility

  16. BP decommissions its Cedar Bayou PP Plant and Chocolate Bayou PP1 unit

    A Hobbs CO2 treating systems is brought online

  17. 5050.png

    BP/ARCO acquires Solvay's PP assets and forms an HDPE joint venture called BPSolvay

  18. BP/ARCO merger facilitates the addition of a Unipol PP line at Carson, CA site

  19. PP4.png

    British Petroleum and Amoco merge

    BP Amoco builds a third INNOVENE process Polypropylene Plant called PP4

  20. crane.png

    Unipol Gas Phase Polypropylene Plant is built at BMC

  21. Amoco purchases a depropanizer from Mapco for its Hobbs Fractionators

  22. Amoco begins supplying proprietary catalysts to licensees

  23. money.png

    The first INNOVENE PP license is sold

  24. PP3.png

    Amoco builds PP3, an INNOVENE gas Gas Phase Copolymer line at CBW site

  25. HDPE.png

    300MM LB/Year HDPE line is installed at Solvay's BMC Plant

  26. sitealt.png

    Cedar Bayou Slurry PP Plant is purchased from Gulf Oil Chemicals

  27. pipes2.png

    Construction of two additional pipelines between Texas City refinery and CBW is completed

  28. PP2.png

    Amoco commissions PP2, an INNOVENE process Gas Phase PP Plant

    CBW 2nd stage Hydrotreater is built to separate Benzenes from cracker stream

  29. Solvay Bulk Slurry Polypropylene plant is commissioned at the Battleground Manufacturing Complex (BMC) in La Porte, TX

  30. CBW No2 Olefins unit is commissioned

  31. dumpertruck.png

    Amoco builds Hobbs Fractionators Plant

  32. CBW №1 Olefins unit is commissioned

  33. pipes.png

    Construction of 5 pipelines to connect CBW to Stratton Ridge Storage Facility

    Construction of 6 pipelines to connect CBW to Amoco's Texas City Refinery

  34. PP1.png

    PP1 Slurry Polypropylene line is built at CBW site

  35. site.png

    Amoco purchases the Chocolate Bayou (CBW) site

  36. Celanese develops HDPE facilities in La Porte, TX

  37. Amoco pioneers research and development work in Polypropylene