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Our profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS Oligomers is divided into four product groups:

    • Linear Alpha Olefins, which are used as co-polymers in polyethylene manufacture as well as in surfactants, lubricants and oil drilling fluids
    • Polyalphaolefins, essential in the production of high performance synthetic lubricants, with wide ranging applications, from automobiles to wind turbines
    • Polybutene (PIB), used in lubricants, adhesives, surface coatings, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, stretch/cling film, sealants/caulks/putties, rubber & polymer modification, and agriculture
    • A variety of Specialty Products, such as Cyclopentane, Diisobutylene, Isoamylene, Isododecane, Isohexadecane, Methoxypentane & Methylpropadiene used in a diverse array of end applications, such as cosmetics, refrigeration liquids and tire production
  • Our manufacturing operation

    Our mission is to transform hydrocarbon raw materials into high quality linear alpha olefins (LAO), polyalphaolefins (PAO), polybutenes (PIB) and specialty oligomers (SO) for our customers. We constantly strive to be the best at what we do, while consistently delivering strong financial performance and returns to our stakeholders.

    INEOS Oligomers’ operates six manufacturing sites, three in Europe (Belgium, France and Germany) and three in North America (one in Alberta, Canada and two in Texas, USA).

    INEOS Oligomers Overview Profile

Visions and Values

INEOS Oligomers is a proven leader in the production of specialty chemicals for use in polyethylene, lubricants, fuel additives, surfactants and other specialty materials.

INEOS Oligomers produces a comprehensive range of specialty and intermediate chemicals derived from ethylene, isobutene and C5 olefin feedstreams. As an industry leader, INEOS Oligomers has a strong track record of product quality, engineering excellence and innovation.

By combining plant scale and reliability, we endeavor to provide the standard-setting service expected of a supplier of choice. INEOS Oligomers has strategic manufacturing sites in both Europe and North America; with a focus on continually improving cost structures, customer service and safety, health and environment (SHE) initiatives.

Our key values
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    Product quality

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    Engineering excellence & innovation

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    Strategic manufacturing in Europe & USA

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    Continuously improving cost structure

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    Continuously improving customer services

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