INEOS Trading & Shipping’s London, Grangemouth (Scotland) and Köln (Germany) based teams are responsible for the safe waterborne transportation of cracker feedstocks and chemical products on a global scale.

We have a growing fleet under our control of 20 vessels, which includes the 27,500 cbm Dragon series of ships capable of transporting shale gas from the US to our cracker sites in Scotland and Norway.  The shipping team transports more than 6 million tonnes of products per year for our businesses with around 2,000 movements per year across seaborne and inland routes.

Sea Freight

DSC01135.jpgAround 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry with over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally. INEOS utilises this industry for the safe coastal and deep-sea bulk transportation of its gas and liquid feedstocks and products. With around 800 movements transporting approximately 4 million bulk tonnes, the Shipping Team covers production site and the Trading Team’s shipping requirements. Our fleet of 8 Dragon vessels are responsible for moving more than 1 million tonnes of cryogenic liquid ethane per annum across a 3,000 nautical mile supply route.

Annual Quantity: INEOS Trading & Shipping trades and transports about 4 million tonnes of chemical feedstock and products by sea every year.

Barge Freight


There are more than 14,000 inland waterway barges operating on the German & Benelux regions. Of this, around 1,400 are gas and liquid product tankers. The INEOS group relies on these vessels for the movement of chemical products and petrochemical gases to and from their sites in this region.

Annual Quantity: INEOS Trading & Shipping trades and transports about 2 million tonnes of chemical feedstock and products by barge every year.

INEOS Marine Assurance Services (IMAS)

DSC01133.jpgOur in-house Marine Assurance Team consists of ex-Mariners and Captains qualified in SIRE and EBIS inspections and a combined experience of more than 120 years in this sector. This team provides the vetting services to not only the whole INEOS Group, but is also available for third parties for bulk ship and barge movements. The team performs more than 12,000 individual vessel and route approvals per annum, completes SIRE and EBIS inspections as required and is responsible for the safety management of vessels used within the INEOS fleet.

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