Carbon Capture Storage & Use

Although it is INEOS' primary goal is to cut emissions at source, we recognise that CCUS will play an important role in mitigating GHG emissions in the short run, either through utilisation or storage. In fact, several INEOS sites have been capturing emissions for a long time.

Over the past two decades, INEOS has been capturing GHG emissions at plants in Antwerp (Belgium), Tavaux and Lavera (France), and Cologne (Germany), removing over 300’000 tonnes of CO2 per annum – equivalent to the annual emissions from around 30’000 cars. We are also leading the Greensand consortium that is undertaking a pilot project in Denmark.

Project Greensand aims to develop and demonstrate that CO2 can be stored underground in the Danish part of the North Sea. This will take place in the INEOS operated Siri field, located more than 200 kilometres west of the Danish coast. In the short term, the project will store up to 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year in 2025. By 2030, Project Greensand aims to store up to 8 million tonnes of CO2 per year.