Climate & Energy Network

A critical element of our drive for a more sustainable business is ensuring that we capture and share best practice across the diverse range of businesses that form INEOS.

To do this, we have an active Climate and Energy network. This Group-wide network gathers and shares information, best practices and shapes actions and strategies on all matters to do with sustainability, for example GHG emissions, innovations in recycling, government policies, and more. 

The network is led by a dedicated team, which maintains INEOS' database on emissions, energy, water, waste, and feedstock data from across all INEOS businesses and sites.

The network engages at all levels across the company. It ensures that important developments are communicated widely across the all businesses and sites via weekly bulletins. Our CEOs and other executives are briefed monthly and annual meetings are attended the senior teams from all businesses alongside subject experts. Since 2021 'young CEN' has become significantly active across all businesses, engaging INEOS' next generation in the post-2025 climate and energy agenda is an important development helping to drive new ideas and approach.