Electrolyser Refurbishment Centre

We offer our own CHLORCOAT™ anode & cathode electrode coatings and module refurbishment service for all designs of electrolyser.

Dedicated to the refurbishment of all types of membrane electrolyser electrode, our extensive purpose-built refurbishment and CHLORCOAT coating facilities re-life your electrolyser elements and electrode structures to the highest operating efficiency for production peace of mind. With dedicated customer service, technical support and manufacturing teams to manage the process, we deliver a first class service that reduces production downtime and operational costs.

We Refurbish And Coat Many Different Types of Membrane Electrolyser

  • BICHLOR, UHDE Generation 3 to 6, n-BITAC, nx-BITAC, MGC and MDC are just some of the technologies that we refurbish
  • Repair and coating of electrodes, flanges, coated mesh and feed tubes
  • In-pan coating of single element technologies
  • Supply of new coated nickel / titanium meshes for customer installation

Your plant is in the safest hands

  • CHLORCOAT coatings are field proven in over 100 electrolyser installations around the world, with technologies such as INEOS, UHDE, CEC, AK, or ELTECH
  • In-pan re-coating provides a significant saving for customers, eliminating the removal and re-installing of meshes and can save the purchase of new mesh / louvres
  • Benefit from our experience as electrolyser operators and our extensive coatings research and analysis capabilities
  • Our highly skilled refurbishment engineers have many years experience in repairing and fabricating in nickel and titanium and their alloys
  • Our first-class processes are managed to both ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, demonstrating our commitment to quality and the minimisation of environmental impact

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