INEOS Sulphur Chemicals at a glance

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Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS Sulphur Chemicals manufactures sulphuric acid and sulphur based chemicals across two sites in Europe with a combined capacity of over 600KT. We are the number 1 supplier of sulphuric acid in the UK and have been serving the UK market for over 40 years from our UK production facility in Runcorn (North West England).

    Our mainland European site is in Bilbao in Northern Spain. Built in 2011 it is the newest sulphuric acid plant in Europe and combines state-of-the-art sulphur burning technology with electricity co-generation.

    Between these two facilities we produce sulphuric acid in a range of concentrations from 77% to 100%. We also offer specialised sulphur chemicals including oleum 20, sulphur dioxide, stabilised sulphur trioxide and ultra-pure sulphuric acid.

    Our sulphur chemical products serve a broad spectrum of industries. From power generation, mining and automotive markets using commercial grades of acid, to the electronics and semi-conductor industry requiring our ultra-pure grade acids.

    INEOS Enterprises has invested in excess of £50 million in the past 5 years maintaining and improving our world class sulphuric acid manufacturing facilities and will continue to invest to ensure outstanding reliability, high quality products and exceptional service to our customers.


INEOS Sulphur Chemicals is a customer focused company. Its mission is to be the supplier of choice to its customers.

Our Key Values
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    Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance

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    Focus on customer satisfaction, total quality and reliability

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    Continuous improvement to become a cost effective producer of high quality products

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    Encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement

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    Empowerment of employees to create real value for our customers and ourselves