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Our Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS Oxide is at the forefront of ethylene and propylene based chemicals production. Our successful businesses are focused on ethylene- and propylene oxide as well as their derivatives. Supplemented by norbornenes, oxo-alcohols and acetate esters this extensive product portfolio plays an essential role in the day to day life of millions of people.

    We offer plant scale combined with reliability, strategic sites in both Europe and USA and a focus on continually improving cost structures, technologies and SHE initiatives. We continuously translate these endeavours into the standard-setting service expected of a supplier of choice. 

    Finally INEOS Oxide is not only a supplier of choice but also an ideal choice for partners who value developing solid relationships. Within its Third Party framework INEOS Oxide has established a vast selection of other industrial and commercial players on its sites. This allows those involved to benefit from win-win situations.

  • Our manufacturing operation

    INEOS Oxide’s comprehensive range of speciality and intermediate chemicals is primarily used to manufacture products for the following industries and applications:

    • Agrochemicals
    • Construction, Textiles & Paper
    • Engineering Polymers
    • Lubricants, Antifreeze & Automotive Brake Fluids
    • Oil & Gas Processing & Drilling
    • Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care
    • Polyester
    • Solvents, Inks & Coatings
    • Food packaging
    • Speciality Synthetic Rubber
    • Surfacants & Detergents

    We manufacture our products in six different production facilities located in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany & United Kingdom) and the USA (Louisiana & Freeport).

    These sites are all strategically located within the main petrochemical clusters of both continents. This creates synergies, extensive infrastructure and low logistics costs which further support our businesses. Combine these factors with our highly skilled workforce and it’s clear to see why Oxide and INEOS in general is the word for chemicals

    INEOS purchases a range of chemical raw materials and intermediates. In addition it purchases a wide range of engineering materials from all over the world and is constantly striving to improve efficiency in these areas. For more information, please contact:

  • Procurement

    INEOS purchases a range of chemical raw materials and intermediates . In addition it purchases a wide range of engineering materials from all over the world and is constantly striving to improve efficiency in these areas.

    For more information, please contact

  • Ethylene Terminal Project

Partnerships Overview

  • Overview

    "Our assets are your options - INEOS Oxide meets your needs in the way you choose"

    We have a long and successful track record of attracting Third Parties to invest in our Antwerp site. Mainly focused on EO-consuming projects, our site offers petrochemical companies the opportunity to locate their production at the doorstep of the world's second largest economy - the European Single Market.

    The INEOS Oxide philosophy is to treat each Third Party partner as if they were a division of INEOS Oxide itself; finding ways of enabling them to benefit from the facilities, services and strategic location our site offers.

  • Third Parties

    The key advantages offered to Third Parties are:

    • Strategic coastal location at the heart of the world's second largest petrochemical zone
    • Close proximity to raw materials via pipeline, sea, road and rail
    • Close proximity to Europe's prime customer base via sea, inland waterway, rail and road transportation networks
    • Rapid commissioning at minimal initial investment
    • Existing chemical-permitted land, infrastructures, services and access to a highly skilled & experienced work-force.

    Currently, there are 13 Third Parties on our Antwerp site. Our state-of-the art facilities, services and highly qualified staff are engaged in production partnerships with Dow Chemicals, Momentive Performance Materials, Sika, BYK-Chemie and Essent. In addition, another eight companies: Borealis Antwerpen Compounding, Speciality Polymers Antwerp, bECO2, EVAL Europe, Messer, Nippon Shokubai Europe, Praxair and Seppic utilize INEOS Oxide’s services including the supply of utilities and feedstock.

    All required utilities and waste handling facilities are ISO 9001 certified and can be made available to new Third Parties.

    Graph: INEOS Oxide Co-operative relationships

  • Utilities

    These utilities include:

    • Steam produced by an on-site newly built highly efficient cogeneration plant (mainly gas fired) with an installed steam capacity rated at 420 t/h (including 2 back-up steam boilers) with highly reliable supplies at different pressure levels (from 42 bar superheated down to 1.75 bar service steam)
    •  On site electricity generated in the CHP unit is connected to the public grid at 150 kV level and supplies on site production units via a redundant highly reliable direct line connection and an internal grid distribution system (step-down capability up to 36 kV / 6 kV / 690 volts / 380 volts)
    • Demineralised water produced on-site by a newly built state-of-the-art demineralised water plant with an installed capacity of 350 t/h
    • Process water & fire water (city water), primarily taken from the public grid / storage capacity of 18 000 m3 and separate distribution systems

    INEOS Oxide provides third party companies with the option of sharing the existing plant infrastructure including a state-of-the-art process control centre, fully equipped analytical laboratory, central maintenance shop with stores, modern conference and training centre, a medical centre and offices. We can also provide a complete range of operational services and specialists on a shared-cost, shared-overhead or service contract basis: operations, product handling and operations support, safety, security and medical services, environmental protection and occupational health management, engineering, maintenance and inspection, purchasing, distribution and commercial services, accounting and IT support, personnel and training.

    In addition INEOS Oxide offers a long and successful record of helping companies start new operations in Europe, a history of co-operative relationships with national, regional and local government agencies, an excellent record in safety and environmental matters, super quality control and quality assurance technologies and high standards of production technologies.

    INEOS Oxide's Plaquemine workforce operates Dow Chemical's glycol ethers and polyglycols facilities as a contract manufacturer.

Manufacturing Divisions Overview

  • Overview

    INEOS Oxide as a whole can be seen as 3 divisions based on manufactured products and/or delivered services. This division however neglects the fact that most businesses and units are integrated into large petrochemical hubs.

    Speciality Division Intermediates Third Party Operating Services

    Ethylene Oxide
    EO derivatives
    Glycol Ethers
    Propylene Oxide
    Ethylidene Norbornene
    Acetate Esters
    Glycol Ether Esters

    Ethylene Glycol
    Antifreeze/ Coolants
    Propylene Glycol

    Speciality Polymers Antwerp
    GE Bayer Silicones
    Nippon Shokubai
    Borealis Antwerp Compounding

    INEOS Oxide can also be analysed by our production facilities. These are located in Antwerp (Belgium), Köln (Germany), Lavéra (France), Hull (UK), Freeport (Texas, US) and Plaquemine (Louisiana, US). All of these locations are strategic sites in the centre of the main petrochemical zones in Europe and the USA.

    They incorporate a Third Party strategy whereby we host the production facilities of major petrochemical companies, sharing the benefits of our location, services and highly skilled workforces. The strategic location of these sites provides us the significant advantage of close proximity to raw materials and customers via an efficient infrastructure of sea, river, road and rail transport, at the lowest possible logistic cost.

    Location Specialities Division Intermediates Third Party Operating Services
    Europe Antwerp (Belgium)
    Köln (Germany)
    Lavéra (France)
    Hull (UK)
    Antwerp (Belgium)
    Köln (Germany)

    Antwerp (Belgium)

    USA Plaquemine, Louisiana
    Freeport, Texas
      Plaquemine, Louisiana

Vision and Values

INEOS is a customer-focused company. Its business mission is to be the supplier of choice to its customers.

Our key values
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    Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance

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    Focus on customer satisfaction, total quality and reliability

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    Continuous improvement to become a cost effective producer of high quality products

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    Encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement

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    Empowerment of employees to create real value for our customers and ourselves

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