Wire & Cable

As electronic components become increasingly complex, so too do the demands on wire and cable producers. Wiring for a broad range of applications, as well as cables for high voltage networks, continue to rely on the raw materials we produce.

Products used in Wire & cable


Nitriles includes acrylonitrile, which is used to make carbon fibre, acrylic clothing, soft toys and upholstery, together with acetonitrile and...

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Oxides include ethylene oxide and propylene oxide as well as their derivatives. Supplemented by norbornenes, oxo-alcohols and acetate esters.

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Phenol is an essential starting material for a wide range of applications in the electrical/electronics, automotive, construction and...

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Businesses involved in Wire & cable


INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA is a major participant in the North American chemical industry.

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INOVYN is the chlorovinyls supplier of choice for manufacturers around the world.

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