INEOS Italia promotes the valorization of the archaeological site of San Gaetano di Vada

The archaeological complex, located in the area of the INEOS site of Rosignano, is gradually emerging also thanks to the direct contribution of the Company.

The strong link between INEOS Manufacturing Italia and the area where it operates cannot have a clearer and more concrete example.
We are talking about the archaeological site of San Gaetano di Vada, which a complex excavation campaign is bringing to light in proximity of the ethylene storage plant of INEOS in Vada.

The site was part of the extensive harbor system of Vada Volaterrana, an important center of commercial exchanges, one of the most important of the Tyrrhenian / Mediterranean area.
The district, used for port activities connected to maritime traffic and land routes of the ancient Via Aurelia, remained in activity from its beginnings, in the early I century AD, up to the first decades of the seventeenth century. A.D.

Firsts excavation campaigns date back to 1982, and continue nowaday under the supervision of the Laboratorio di Topografia Antica e Archeologia Subacquea of the Pisa University.
The use of sophisticated and state-of- the-art tools, such as georadar and drones for aerial shooting, has shown several structures, including the horrea, warehouses with their own thermal spa, public baths and various buildings for sacred use, artisan and play-recreational.
Fundamental testimonials of a high populated harbour and housing center, well laid out in a context also made of farms and manufacturing centers.

The direct commitment of INEOS Manufacturing Italia as sponsor and owner of the area is summed up by the Pisa University, Municipality and Archaelogical Museum of Rosignano Marittimo, and the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany.

Among the initiatives realized in synergy by the subjects involved, we have guided tours organized by the Tourist Office of Rosignano.
Another flagship is Vada Volterrana Summer School, a true archaeology school “in the field”.
A project, created thanks to the Pisa University, which for five years involves students coming from the best Italian and foreign universities.

This is a practical way for INEOS Italia to demonstrate the sense of belonging to the territory and its commitment to the social and cultural growth of the community.

Banner Vada Volaterrana Harbour Project

Statue of the ancient Roman goddess Attis

3d reconstruction of the San Gaetano complex

Excavation campaign. In the background, the INEOS Italia plant

Detail of the ancient Roman thermae