REACH, Responsible Care & Product Stewardship


Over and above our own SHE standards and guidelines, INEOS is a signatory to the International Council of Chemical Associations' (ICCA) Responsible Care Global Charter.

Signing the charter is part of our commitment to strengthening chemicals management systems, safeguarding people and the environment, and working towards sustainable solutions through our value chain. By following the guidelines and measures of Responsible Care® we commit to conducting business in a safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible manner.

INEOS adopts a comprehensive approach to product stewardship, so that our products enter and move along the supply chain to the customer in a safe and ethical manner. We work with all customers to ensure they have the necessary information, procedures, and facilities to receive, store, and use products safely.



INEOS is committed to fulfilling its obligations under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) which ensures companies manage the risks associated with their products and provide customers with the information necessary to handle them in a safe and sustainable way.

INEOS often goes beyond REACH in the stewardship we apply to our products across all markets. The INEOS approach to product stewardship is managed by a company-wide REACH network.


INEOS products make a significant contribution to saving life, improving health and enhancing standards of living for people around the world.

INEOS is committed to protecting the welfare of animals. Our animal testing policy is based on the 3R's. We seek to Replace animal experiments with alternatives, Reduce the number of animals used in experiments, and Refine animal experiments to minimise harm. We only commission animal tests when it is essential to comply under national or international legislation, or absolutely necessary to safeguard human health where non-animal alternatives are not yet available. We work only with laboratories which are accredited to perform animal studies and are subject to independent assessment and inspection. Where possible we partner with industry consortia or trade associations, such as CEFIC, to share results and data and minimise unnecessary duplication. We fully support the development of animal-free testing of our products, and we are active in advocating that New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) be accepted in Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATAs).


INEOS is reviewing the potential impact of proposed PFAS regulations on our industrial activities and value chain.

At INEOS, protecting safety, health, and the environment is a core guiding principle and our number one priority. At each step of our activities, we safeguard the  health and safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate, and the users of our products.

INEOS does not manufacture PFAS or use PFAS as basic raw materials in its processes.

INEOS’ manufacturing sites use PFAS in diversified applications, however, such as membranes for electrolysers, gaskets, and lined piping or vessels because of their unique properties. Some applications are recognised as Best Available Techniques, while others provide significant benefit for safe and continued reliable operations of our industrial assets, with no equivalent alternatives currently available.

INEOS has contributed to the REACH restriction process by responding to the public consultation. More specifically, we will flag those uses of PFAS that are critical to our operations and identify critical applications that merit a derogation.