This summary of maintenance events that are disclosed on this page are primarily those that could impact the operation of FPS Customers and in addition may have the potential to significantly affect the prices of certain "wholesale energy products".

Planned FPS System Maintenance Programme (*** Update 19th July 2021 ***) 


The Summer Shutdown programme (Cruden Bay, GAEL Valve project, onshore pipeline inspections) is now underway and we will keep you regularly informed through the programme and ahead of the planned restart dates of AM 19th June (main FPS line) / AM 28th June (GAEL).

The KLPG TAR planned for 16th August has been further updated to provide greater clarity of the planned duration (n.b. this will only affect those customers that lift LPG products at the Old Lock Berth).

*** Update 16th June ***

All areas of work on the system have progressed on plan and FPS scheduled for restart on 19th June.

Optimised restart:  Our assessment of current profiles for the ramp-up of customer production from offshore means that the main FPS line will be available for packing from 22nd June, with export to Kinneil available from 23rd June.  Subject to continued review depending on customer profiles not being delayed or reduced.

*** Update 21st June ***

INEOS FPS successfully removed the final system isolations at Cruden Bay at 02:00 on Saturday 19th June, completing the Cruden Bay system reconfiguration maintenance.  Pipeline inspections had already been completed, and removal of the final isolation tool made the system fully available.

System restart will commence as soon as sufficient oil is available to satisfy FPS minimum throughput.  This is scheduled for 2200 hrs on Wednesday 23rd June, once sufficient customers have completed platform maintenance and are themselves available to restart.  The restart remains dependent on customer profiles not being delayed or reduced.

Installation of the GAEL valve project continues, with GAEL system restart currently expected 3rd July.  We will continue to keep you regularly informed ahead of the planned GAEL restart date.

*** Update 19th July - GAEL ***

GAEL: System expected to be available for restart late 19th / early 20th July.  



The annual Unity Shutdown for ESDV closure test will take place on 27th May.

The Train 1 & 2 Flare System outage planned for 3Q has been updated with the start date (15th August) and current forecast duration (10-12 weeks).

The Old Lock Berth Outage will take place in September, with a likely duration of two (2) weeks.



The annual shutdowns for the Unity ESDV closure test and Forties Charlie equipment tests will take place in 2Q.




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